Is it Wrong to be Filthy Rich?

Money Heck NO! Well, maybe not the filthy part, but there’s nothing wrong with being rich beyond your wildest imagination. I often hear my clients apologize for wanting to make lots of money with their website. They are afraid they will sound greedy.

It’s not greedy to want more money UNLESS you don’t want anyone else to have it too. Making more money does NOT mean less money for the other person.

Money is energy. The paper bills, checks, and credit cards we use to exchange that energy are just symbols or representations of that energy. When I trade my products, services or time for money (or energy), the other person is investing in their future. They are trading their energy in the form of money (they had to expend energy of some sort to get that money) for my energy in the form of service or production of goods.

The only time I should feel guilty about getting money from someone else is if I didn’t give them any energy (in the form of value) in return. My product or service should fulfill a desire for the other person. If they see value in that product or service and are willing to exchange energy (in the form of money) for that product or service, then it is an even exchange.

When I receive money, it’s not taking away from someone else, it’s adding energy to them in a different form. It’s an exchange, not a taking. When I spend money, I’m exchanging my energy (in the form of money) for another form of money… in something I value.

Negative feelings surrounding this exchange only come up when it’s not considered an even exchange by both parties. I just received a bill from my accountant for twice the amount that he said it would cost me. He did not, in my opinion, provide the energy for the estimate he gave initially, much less twice that amount of money (energy). It is not, in my opinion, an even exchange. Therefore, he must expend more energy to get me to pay his bill. He won’t get that much money from me without a fuss and a lot of energy on his part.

I used to see the world’s money as a pie. When I took my portion, that left a smaller portion for the rest of the world. The more I had, the less everyone else had. But, now that I understand that money is just energy, I see that the more I take from the pie, the more the pie expands. Like love. Or ideas. Giving it away only magnifies and multiplies from the Source.

It’s all a cycle. The more we receive, the more there is to give. The more we allow others to give, the more we can give. When we stop the flow, no one wins.

If I’m getting something for nothing, I will eventually pay for that somewhere else. Nature has a way of balancing energy. If we aren’t getting what we want, then we aren’t serving enough. It’s all an exchange of energy.

I’m only greedy when I don’t want others to have all their desires met too. When I want it all for me and none for anyone else, then I’m greedy. When I want all I can get and want you to have it too, then it multiplies and magnifies the energy and we all win. Let’s ALL make ALL the money we can spend by exchanging our energy for that different form of energy. Then, let’s exchange that energy again as fast and as often as we can so that we can all be more prosperous!

Don’t hold yourself back because you are afraid to make too much money. Don’t put those kinds of limitations on yourself. I believe God wants us – wants YOU – to be rich. Filthy rich. In a clean way. An even exchange of value and energy way.

Be ALL that you can be, express yourself as the channel of God that you are, and the energy will be returned in the form of love and money.

Catch on fire.

Fuel your passion.

Be all that you can be.

The money will take care of itself.

You’ll be surprised how much will come rolling in.

Find a way to serve and don’t be afraid to ask for the energy in return. That’s the way it multiplies.


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