Who is Pushing Your Buttons?

pushbuttonstop As a web developer, I make lots of buttons.

I am in charge of my buttons.

I can make them any color I want.

My Pink ButtonMy Green Button


Or any shape I want or any size I want.

little buttonBig ButtonI <3 U

I can make them do anything I want.

click me to see me smileclick me to see me get madclick me to see me confused


I am in charge of my buttons. You get that? I am the ONLY one in charge of my buttons.

The sure thing about buttons is that when I put them out there, someone will push them. Even if it’s just to see what they do. I bet you’ve pushed every button on this page.

(If you hadn’t pushed them before that last sentence, I bet you have now!)

The one thing I’ve really learned about buttons is this:

if you don’t want someone pushing them, then don’t put them out there.

I learned it the hard way.




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