What Really Matters?

ProsperityDays like today can be scary.  Or they can be fun.  It all depends on where I put my attention.

I spent six hours driving to and from Memphis to pick up my son’s girlfriend so that they could be spend some time together this week.  I love doing that. I love seeing my kids happy.  I love seeing their friends happy.  And at this time in our lives, I feel that my job is to be Mom.

Being Mom can be expensive.  And there’s little pay with the job, but it’s the greatest job I have.  It feeds my soul to be  Mom and to spend time with my kids.  By the time I filled up the tank with gas and we all stopped and ate (Olive Garden – it’s our favorite), I had spent way more than I brought in today.  That tends to make me panic a bit.  The kids want to eat ‘light’ to save me a buck, but, me in my prosperity consciousness encourage them to ‘eat up – it’s just money!’  My heart is questioning, ‘do you really mean that? Will you have to pay dearly for that encouragement later?’

Bob Proctor would say I’ve just hit my terror barrier again.  I listened to him the entire trip.  His ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ program is my ‘assignment’ for the month as part of his coaching program.  Yes, I hit the terror barrier.  Again.  How am I supposed to do what I feel led to do…  Eat at Olive Garden, serve my kids, enjoy my day…  and still be prosperous?  Still make enough money to pay the bills?

Shouldn’t I be out working?  Shouldn’t I be looking for a 9 to 5 job?  I’m not even sure I can keep up the house payment at this rate.  My logical mind is having a hey day with this one.  How can this work?

Tonight I sit here on my deck watching the birds and the sunset. I think back over our day – the memories made – nothing special, yet everything was special.  My boy was  happy.  His girlfriend was happy.  I was happy.  We enjoyed time together – me and Bob through the earbuds while the kids listened to the loud, crazy music and talked about who knows what (I’m afraid to ask).

I love being a Mom.   THIS is prosperity.  Does the house payment even matter?  Yes, it matters!  This morning, I also sat here on this same deck and felt the whisper from God, say, “Life is short.  Enjoy today.  Be Mom for Me.  Live today.  Create the life you love for Me. Let Me experience this creation through you.”

My question was, “But God, HOW does this bring money?  How can I make ends meet?”  His answer?  Well, I didn’t really get an answer, but it just didn’t matter.  I knew what that meant. I must have faith.  I must trust that He’s got this.  He is my Source.  My job is to have joy.  To me, having joy means to just be Mom.  His job is to make everything else ok.

I can be Mom without a house, but somehow I know that God will take care of the house.  And everything else I tend to worry about. He’s got this.  My job is to trust that.

In my state of panic a couple of months ago, I went on several job interviews.  If I had taken one of those jobs, I would have missed today.  What a mistake that would have been.  Today was an ordinary day.  Today was a day for the history books.  Today was full of joy.  That’s really ALL that matters.


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