What Do You Need?

By Stuart Miles, published on 01 November 2013 Stock Image - image ID: 100213976

By Stuart Miles, published on 01 November 2013
Stock Image – image ID: 100213976

I was reminded a couple of days ago that the emotion of NEED is based in fear. On the other hand, a DESIRE is not based in fear. When I need something desperately, I’m producing an emotion and frequency of fear which actually pushes the thing further away.

I remember that I always have problems with the statement in the 40 Day Prosperity Plan that says it is impossible to have any unfulfilled needs or desires. I often feel that I still have needs and desires that I have not manifested yet in my life.

My justification, so that I can believe this statement (in my current infantile state of mind), is that the manifestation is out there somewhere, so the need and desire have been fulfilled – I just haven’t found that manifestation yet. I’m sure some day I will a have different perception of what that statement means. But, today, I still have a little problem with believing that all my desires have been fulfilled, unless, of course, they’ve been fulfilled and I just haven’t found them yet.

However, I don’t have any problem believing that all my NEEDS have been fulfilled. There are things I THINK I need, but in reality, I don’t really need them or I would have them.

So, what’s the difference between desire and need? My definition is that a desire is something that I really, really want to have, be or do. It’s something that I choose. A need on the other hand is something that I can’t live without – food, water, clothing, air. All my needs have been fulfilled. They may not, however, be fulfilled to my expectations or desires.

So, the real difference in a need and a desire is the fear… or lack of fear… behind the thought or emotion. It boils down to my fear of death. If I don’t have my need met, I will die. Many times the things I think I need will really not result in my death. It may feel like death at the time, but there are people living with much less.

So, once again, it’s all a matter of perspective. Do I NEED this or just desire it? Just changing that focus allows me to release the fear in the emotion.

The next time I look at my bank account and decide that I need more money in there to meet the demands, I will try to remember that just changing that statement… that feeling… to ‘I DESIRE more money in there to meet the demands’ will actually draw more money to me instead of push it further away. I won’t die if the money doesn’t appear.

As a matter of fact, next time I’m just going to KNOW that God will supply my desires. He is my Source. And therefore, I don’t have to worry, or even think about, the money being there in time. Just like I KNOW that the air is going to be there with each breath I take.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that fear is the only thing holding me back. Many of my fears are unrealized and come in the form of a ‘need’ or programmed way of thinking. I believe that the Bible documents Jesus saying ‘Fear not’ more than he said anything else. I think that’s the key. Get rid of the fear.

My new goal is to completely get rid of the fear in my life. Except for the fear of snakes. I don’t want to have to face that fear. I don’t even want to think about it.

Need more? Then desire more instead. Get rid of the fear. Fear not.



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