We Want to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

dreamhopejoyLizabeth and I are both web developers. We build websites for people. I’ve built many websites over the years. Actually building the website is easy. Making the website a success is not quite as easy.

Of course, a lot of that depends on how you define success, but for most of my clients, success from their website is defined by ‘profitable’. Their website should be helping them to become more profitable. A lot of my clients have not become more profitable since their website has been finished. Yet, others have become VERY profitable and are successful no matter HOW you define success.

Why do some become successful and others don’t? I believe much of it is because of their prosperity consciousness, their belief in themselves, their confidence and their understanding of Spiritual principles.

Since I don’t like building awesome websites just to see their owners fail, we decided to get our professional coaching credentials and we became Master Prosperity Teachers trained by Edwene Gaines. This has helped us help our clients become more successful. It’s not just about building websites.

We love helping people build their dreams. We love building websites, but what’s become more of a passion for us is the coaching and helping people to live a more prosperous life. It’s so much fun to hear someone describe their dream to us. I love seeing and feeling their passion. I find myself wishing that others could experience that passion as well. I also love reminding our clients of that passion when things start to get tough or when success doesn’t come as quickly as they had hoped.

Building websites is fun, but, our true passion comes when we help people dream bigger, realize those dreams and remind them of the power that they have within to be, do and have anything they want to be, do or have. We love empowering others to be all that they were meant to be. We love reminding them who they really are and inspiring them to be their best.

We want to hear your dreams. We want to join you in your passion. We want to help see with you everything that YOU want to be, do or have. We want to be your cheerleaders. (No, I will not wear a cheer leader skirt.)

We’ve found that those who share their dreams with others achieve those dreams more quickly. Regardless of how big or small the dream. We encourage you to dream BIG – even if you feel the dream is ridiculous. Nothing is impossible. Nothing. Everything that’s ever been done or had, first started with a dream. I believe that God placed those desires in your heart. Many of us have been tamping down our dreams for so long that we don’t see or hear them as well as we used to, so we must allow ourselves to dream bigger dreams more often… flex our dreaming muscle to make it stronger.

Our dream is to travel the world, visit beautiful places, share those places with you through photographs and our writing. We want to inspire others to live life fully and fulfill ALL their dreams. It is our goal to help as many people achieve their dream as we possibly can, however we can. We would love to hear your dream. If nothing else, we can see that happening for you and believe it with you.

Sharing your dream with us will stay between you and us. We will not share your dream with anyone else unless you give us your permission first. We just want to help you dream. We want to help you fulfill your dreams. Many times, just telling someone else your dream helps you to clarify the dream and make it more real in your mind. This sets something in motion that starts drawing you towards your dream. So share your dreams and passions with us below. Who knows? We might just help make your dream come true!

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