Unexpected Blessings

TithingEvery since I started tithing, I’ve started receiving unexpected checks in the mail.  Yesterday I received another.  Thank You God!  But, yesterday’s was a little different. Yesterday’s check was from someone who said I was instrumental in her being fed spiritual food.  What a true blessing!  Not so much the money, although that is EXTREMELY appreciated and a blessing, but just the feeling of knowing that I was somehow involved in touching someone’s soul.  Knowing that God used me to reach out to someone else has to be the greatest feeling in the world!

I have tithed off and on for years and I know first hand that it works!  The more I give, the more I receive.  When I stop tithing, somehow my income goes down.  Before I met Edwene Gaines, I thought that a tithe was something you gave to a church.  So, when I wasn’t in church, I rarely tithed.  My income went down.  Edwene taught me that a tithe is a tenth of everything I receive given to a person, place or institution where I have been spiritually fed.  That doesn’t necessarily have to be a church, but it can be, if that’s where I’m spiritually fed.

I’ve also learned from Edwene that spiritual food is anything that helps me remember who I am as a child of God with infinite possibilities for expression and with no end of joys in my life.  Now, I was too skeptical to just take Edwene’s word for it so I put it to the test.  I’ve tithed to anyone who reminds me who I really am – those who inspire me to be my very best – those who remind me to get out of my own way and allow the God part of me to shine through. My spiritual food has come through music, art, books, seminars and workshops, classes, and even Facebook!  I’ve tithed to employees, authors, family members, friends, yoga instructors, and others.  These people have in some way inspired me to be my best, do my best, and have the best.

Since I’ve started tithing again, I’ve experienced more and more prosperity and abundance, just as Edwene said – just as the Bible says.  That’s an awesome feeling to feel God working in and through me as I give to those who feed me.  It’s an even better feeling to receive a blessing by allowing God to feed someone else through me!  There is joy in both the giving and the receiving.  All I have to do is be God’s hands, feet, mouth, face – to be God’s body.  In both the giving and receiving I just did what I felt He asked me to do.  I was available.  That’s it. In all things, I just need to do what I feel God is directing me to do. My job is to stay connected to and aligned with Him. He will do the rest. To be used by God is the greatest feeling on earth. It’s the biggest high and truly addictive!

God is my source. Thank YOU God!  Thank you to my friend who allowed God to work through her.  Thank You both for the unexpected blessings!

Much Love,


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