True Love

True Love

Love is the key to a prosperous life.  When you get so filled up with love, it will spill onto everyone around you.  Love is the best and most powerful energy in the universe and when it spills over, the old saying about the love bug biting…  Well, there’s truth in that old saying.

When that love bug bites, you can’t help but feel good.  Doesn’t really matter the circumstances going on around you, you can’t help but feel good.

So, how do you get bit by that bug and how do you know when you’ve been bit?

Here’s what I know.  I thought I knew what love was.  But, after I got bit, I really knew what love was.  We have so many definitions for the word, love, in our society.  We love mashed potatoes.  We love chocolate.  We love math.  We love our kids.  We love our parents.  We love our boyfriends and girlfriends.  All of those are different feelings.  So, what is real love?

God is love.  Love is God.  Love is energy.  Love is Spirit.  And when you have the real love…  God… Energy… Spirit filling every cell of your being, nothing else matters.  It must spill out on everything and everyone around you.  When you have it, you’ll know it.  If you aren’t sure, then you probably don’t have it.

So, how do you get it?  Ask for it.  Allow it to come in.  Easier said than done sometimes.  Remember, you are listening to the queen of hardened hearts.  The person who lives in her head and has trouble getting into her heart.  Why?  Because with much love, comes the risk of much pain. Is it worth the risk?  YES! YES! YES!

But, I had forgotten that.  Once the pain came, the heart seemed to regrow it’s shell.  A hard shell to crack.  But, once cracked, the light has no choice but to escape.  It’s impossible to hold in.

I used to read something like, “to get more love you must give it away”.  I didn’t know how to give a love I didn’t have.  But, now, I realize that there can be no ‘receive’ without a ‘give’.  And giving and receiving are much the same.  I can not give if I can not receive.  Giving without receiving is not possible.  If I give and never receive, there is no energy.  There is no circulation.  There is no current.  I must allow that flow through my Spiritual shell, often called a body, centered at the heart.

For years I tried to give love without allowing anything to come into my heart. It’s impossible.  You can not give love away without allowing that love to come back.  You can’t give love without opening your heart.  And opening your heart means allowing love out AND in.

It will leave a gaping hole in your chest.  It can hurt.  But, you can only love to the degree that you allow yourself to open up to be hurt.  It’s well worth the risk.

The love bug bites.  Mosquitoes bite.  I can stay inside to avoid the bite.   But, I miss out on the whole outdoors of life.  Really living… Really loving… requires risk.  It even requires some pain.  The valleys are only as low as the mountains are high.

When I allow the God part of me to connect to the God part of another soul, the love flows.  It’s like flipping a light switch.  It’s only when the whole circuit is wired correctly that the light will actually come on.  It has nothing to do with mashed potatoes, or math, or sex.  It is a divine connection between two or more souls where both allow giving and receiving.  It can happen at the Grocery store, or on the street, or in a group.  When we truly see the other person for who they really are deep down inside and allow them to see the same in us, the connection is made, and we feel love.  So do they.

You want more love? Give some away.  How?  Open your heart to receive. Then give from there, expecting to receive in return.  Even if the other person wasn’t planning on giving love, they won’t be able to resist. Nature abhors a vacuum and an open heart just waiting to be filled is more than the Spirit within the other person can resist.  Opening the heart is THE act of love.  Opening your heart and allowing the other to give is the real love.

I have a feeling these words will bite me.  There is much fear in opening the heart, at least for me.  Those of you I run into next may wonder if I really wrote this.  My heart may be closed.  You have my permission to remind me of these words because I am ready to live full out.  I am ready to experience all the love that life has to offer.  Will I get hurt.  I’m sure I will.  Will it be worth it?  Yes, it will.  Will I regret saying this?  Probably at first.  But, I’ll forgive myself (and you for reminding me) when I realize the love I now have in my life, that wasn’t there before.

Hate is not the opposite of love.  Fear is the opposite of love.  Hate is just an effect of fear.  Perfect love casts out fear.   Fear keeps our heart closed.  Only love can open it back up.  Allowing others to share their love with us is how we open the heart for our light to shine and our love to flow.

This is what I know about YOU.  You are SO beautiful inside and out.  Please don’t hide your light.  To let it out means allowing light to get in too.  I can’t love you if you can’t receive it.  Neither can anyone else.  We can’t connect if you’ve closed that door.  This I’ve learned from experience. Life is much more fun with an open heart!

If you are reading this now, it means I conquered my fear and really allowed myself to post this, knowing that I will be reminded to eat these words and keep my heart open.  You don’t know how hard that may be for me.  Talk about exposing myself to the world.  This is it.

Much LOVE,


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