The Power of Our Dreams

It’s hard to believe that we bought our Truck (Bruce) and RV (OPaL) a year ago. Seems like yesterday.

Manifesting Our Dream

I remember lying in bed the day we brought OPL home. We were so excited we couldn’t sleep.

And then it hit me! Our setup was on our vision board! Even though all the RV’s we had placed on our vision board (for the sole purpose of wanting to manifest an RV) had been Class C RV’s, the exact setup of what we had just purchased was in another picture on our vision board.

I jumped out of bed to look at the vision boards, and there she was. The truck was white and the travel trailer was very similar to our OPaL. We had used the picture because of the surroundings. We wanted to camp in surroundings like that – lots of trees, rocks and water. The people in the photo were relaxing in their chairs. It was the serenity we were dreaming about.

I couldn’t believe it! We had manifested exactly what we had added to our vision board just 2 months before.

Feeling it Until it’s Real

We have used vision boards every since we met. We’ve manifested a LOT of things, but never anything as significant as that. There’s also been a lot of things on there that have not manifested yet.

Vision boards work. And what I learned that day was that the pictures we placed that brought the most emotion seemed to manifest the quickest. Pictures with just ‘things’ didn’t seem to work nearly as well as pictures that evoked a feeling, such as the serenity and peacefulness of the RV setup in nature. It’s the feelings I want, not the things.

I learned from Abraham-Hicks long ago that what I’m feeling attracts more of what I’m feeling. So, if the vision board allows me to feel something, then I am attracting more of that feeling. A picture of a car or a computer or something I want, sometimes brings up more of the feeling of “I don’t have that” rather than the feelings I would get from using that ‘thing’.

How We Did It

Two months prior to manifesting our Bruce and OPaL, we took a short vacation to the beach. We stopped on the way and bought a LOT of magazines, poster board, and glue sticks. We called our pizza order in ahead of time, with instructions on exactly what time to deliver, so that we wouldn’t have to stop to decide what we wanted to eat when we got hungry.

We had everything taken care of before we started dreaming so that we would have the least amount of interruptions. We spent the whole 2 or 3 days doing nothing but dreaming. We went through magazine after magazine cutting out whatever evoked a positive emotion. We created SEVERAL dream boards during the 2 days. When we got home we put them up on our closet doors so that we would see them every time we woke up.

It worked. And quickly. Many of the things, from RV’s to Cruises, have manifested. Even the money has manifested. Most of them have manifested in ways we couldn’t imagine.

The Power of the Imagination

I remember a time a few years ago when I found an old journal. I had written this journal when I was very young, long before I had ever heard of a vision board. I had drawn out and described EXACTLY what I wanted my life to be like. Everything in the journal had come true for me.

It’s not the vision board that has the power, it’s the imagination and feeling that goes into the dreaming. We just have to focus on what we REALLY want. We need to imagine how good we will feel in the having of it. And then, we let it go. We move on through our day. We focus on what we want as often as we can and then we move on.

The biggest help? To be happy. We strive to do whatever it takes to be happy in the moment. We focus on the things that make us feel better. We let go of the shoulda’s, coulda’s and woulda’s. We try to quit worrying about what others think we should be doing. We quit thinking about what others may think about us. We quit worrying about what might be expected of us. And we just do what makes us happy. Right now. In the moment.

Focus on what we want. Move on through our day. Be Happy. Strive to be more happy. Repeat.

It works.

Our Small Space Vision Boards

We don’t have quite as much room for vision boards anymore. We spend a LOT of time asking each other, “What’s working for you?” We spend a lot of time asking, “What would you change to make this life better?” We dream a lot about the feelings we want to have and the things we want to experience.

Vision Board

An Example Vision Board

We also have an online vision board that I built many years ago that we can use for a smaller, quicker, more compact vision board called Catalog of Dreams. We have plans to create a new, improved vision board app soon.

We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a comment below and let us know how vision boards have impacted your life. Also let us know what you’d like to see in the next vision board app.

Vision boards are powerful, but it’s your imagination that really holds the magic. Dream BIG! Feel it until it’s real. Make your dreams come true!

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