The Master Key System, Part One #8

The world without is a reflection of the world within. What appears without is what has been found within. In the world within may be found infinite Wisdom, infinite Power, infinite Supply of all that is necessary, waiting for unfoldment, development and expression. If we recognize these potentialities in the world within they will take form in the world without.

Our inner world creates our outer world. We have the Power, Supply, and Wisdom to be, do and have anything we want to be, do and have. To realize this Power, Wisdom, and Supply, we only have to recognize that it is there, in our inner world. We must believe in ourselves, our abilities and talents. We have had the Power all along.

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  1. Ok. So how do we get in alignment? What is one practical specific way to align?

    • Perhaps the question is how did you get out of alignment? I find it much easier to retrace my steps than to forage a new path. I try to discover why I fell out and then ask, “what do I need to change about me?” Or “What is it I am not seeing or refusing to see?” It may mean a change in me, a change in my surrounding or most likely, a change in my attitude. Sometimes I need someone else to look at the situation to help me see what I am not. My ego doesn’t like criticism but it is usually in that observation that I receive the answer I am seeking. Hope that helps Jade!

  2. Aaaaaaahhhhhh…again with the analogies! The flow discussion and the imagery of the redirection because of dams that I may be building (even if unintentionally) – Love this stuff!! I am coming to the realization that I am/have been extremely shallow in my thinking. Wow. You’re opening my eyes. THANKS!! Have a blessed day, ladies!

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