The Master Key System, Part One #7 – Why Don’t We Have What We Want?

The world within is governed by mind. When we discover this world we shall find the solution for every problem, the cause for every effect; and since the world within is subject to our control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control.

We have the solution for every problem. We have possession of anything and everything we need. We have control of these things through the world within.

The video is a little long today, but I think we bring up some questions that you will be interested in discussing with us. Please join in the discussion below.

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  1. Thank you Pam! I have been a student of my own mind for a while and I have to “flesh out” each concept for myself before I understand it. I am literally speaking my thoughts out loud. So now you know what it’s like to be in my head! haha.

    Thanks for giving us your break-downs as well. It helps me so much to have a different perspective with which to view the same concepts. You are an encouragement to keep us going!

  2. Lizabeth, I love your analogies. This stuff is just deep (for me at least.) You are so well spoken and I love to hear you flesh out a thought. Almost 100% of the time, so far, I am significantly more present and aware of the statement when y’all break it down for me. Sometimes when I approach something that I don’t understand, I admittedly say “Treat me like I’m 5 and explain this to me please.” We all learn differently, but it is huge that y’all break these statements down. THANKS! It’s much more enjoyable – and makes me WANT to understand when I know that I can look forward to your analogies, etc.

    Good job, ladies. Keep it up!

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