The Master Key System, Part One #5 – We Have the Power Within Us!

We cannot express powers that we do not possess. The only way by which we may secure possession of power is to become conscious of power, and we can never become conscious of power until we learn that all power is from within.

When we realize that we have the power inside to fulfill our desires, we will be more conscious and aware of that power. We will begin to understand and know what we are then capable of being, doing and having. Once we become the power, we will express the power. It all starts with the realization that all power is from within.

You have the power within you. Go be powerful!

Here’s today’s powerful video. Please share your insights with us below!

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  1. My aha for this one… When I step into a dark space within myself it is important to remember that there is still power in that space, I simply must reach for the light switch. What a great image… So now it’s simply a matter of how long do I want to sit in the dark before I flip the switch? I know I am aware that it is there, I understand that it is there and as I know it is there I can minimize the amount of time that I spend in the darkness. The next question is why do we choose to sit in the darkness even when we know it’s there?
    My new thought for myself is to remember to always make sure the light is on and as soon as I become aware that I have stepped into a new dark room to flip the switch right away. Actually, as I say this.. I think perhaps I shall create a “main switch that when flipped brings light to all of my rooms, even the ones that I have yet to explore. I like that! Thanks for your inspiration, I appreciate it.

    • Great Aha Eileen! That is what I’m working on as well. Turning on the internal light until it becomes such a habit that I can work with the thought that the light is “always” on. I only have to open my eyes to see it.

  2. This is another good one! I’m looking at my definition of power now. English language can be restricted in some ways because I’m not sure “power” is the most precise word for what Haanel is trying to convey here! Like Cindy, power to me has meanings of strength. However, I also think of power as energy such as switching on the lights — we use the term power in sentences such as the power is on or out (which may happen with 4 inces of snow & ice coming for us as I write this!) but when the power is “on”, we can “do” things–like watch TV, use an elect oven, have hot water in elec water heaters on & on it goes. So this leads me to now think that perhaps “power” is the energy that allows us to “do” things such as draw, write, knit, drive a car, etc etc. I’m going to have to sit with this one for a while !
    I whole heatedly agree that no one can have power over us, not in truth. We can allow others power over us but it’s voluntarily given. I do think it is a great question to ask ourselves at all times “how am I giving my power away”. Interestingly enough , a thought keeps niggling in the back of my mind that we can never truly give our power away, it’s not ours to give away, it may appear that we have done such a thing but a simple shift in perception can bring it to right again. What do you two think?

    • Very good points Cassandra! I agree that we can’t give our power away because it’s not ours to give away, but I also think that we can choose not to USE our power and deny it. So maybe a better way to say it is that we deny our power, or fail to use it. We allow others to use more of their power as we fail to use ours giving the appearance that they have more power than we do OR they are using their power to control us because we aren’t using ours to live in that power.

      I totally agree that ‘power’ is the ‘energy’ that allows us to do anything and everything. Power in that sense is God or Source or Energy. All these words can be interchanged I think!

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