The Master Key System, Part One #20

When this mind thinks correctly, when it understands the truth, when the thoughts set through the cerebrospinal nervous system to the body are constructive, these sensations are pleasant, harmonious.
When we focus on the good… on the truth… the positive, then all things seem to go better. We feel better. When we focus on negativity, fear, and other bad thoughts, we feel bad.

When we put garbage in our computers, we get bad stuff out. Computers can only do what they are told to do acting on the data put into the computer. If we put in bad information, we get bad information back out. Our mind is the same way. Bad stuff in, bad stuff out. Good stuff in, good stuff out. We feel better with good stuff coming out.

What are you putting in your mind? What thoughts are you introducing into your mind? Are they primarily positive or negative? Garbage in, garbage out. Good stuff in, good stuff out. Your choice.

These thoughts affect our health as well. It affects every aspect of our lives.

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