The Master Key System, Part One #2 – What is Your Habitual Attitude?

Mind is creative, and conditions, environment and all experiences in life are the result of our habitual or predominant mental attitude.
Our habits and attitude affect everything in our lives. As a matter of fact, these things have created the life that we are living currently. To change our future, we need to change our habits, patterns and attitudes.

Our attitudes are contagious. The attitudes and habits of those around us will influence our own attitudes and habits, as we will influence theirs.

One bad mood won’t ruin your whole life, but it’s the attitudes that we make a habit of having that will create our current circumstances, environment and experience.

Please share your comments below! We learn so much from your insights and wisdom!

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  1. Hi ladies!
    I had to pipe in to leave a comment on this video’s topic. 5 months ago, I decided that I would blurt out, “I AM HAPPY!” every morning when I wake up, and say it as often as I can think of it throughout the day. This IS a habit now.
    When I catch my mind wandering to un-serving thoughts, I blurt out, “I LOVE ME!” (mentally or verbally) which not only brings me immediately back into the ‘now’, but also makes me aware that I need to pivot to WANTED thoughts.
    These two statements really have changed the vibe in my life.
    I meet the sweetest people in passing, my days flow with more ease, and I AM happier, and I can giggle at myself if I make a mistake. 🙂
    I caught an audio of Abraham-Hicks talking about negativity. They said, “If every time you had a negative thought, you lost a tooth, wouldn’t you really, really, really, do your absolute best to stop that thought before it even started?”
    I think of that often, also.
    Have a great day!

    • I love your mantras Kat! You are so right. Changing our thoughts changes our surroundings and draws to us more and more of the same sentiments we are putting out there. I love Abraham-Hicks take on a lot of things. I hadn’t heard the one you mentioned but it is so true and a wonderful analogy! I hope you continue to have the best of days! Lizabeth

  2. Lol Cassandra! We all have those days. It is funny however that when we begin to explore a “higher way of thinking” that we forget to honor the time it takes to make the adjustments. I forget that it perfectly ‘normal’ to have reactions and buttons. It is what I do with them and the time it takes for me to change them that matters. When I am growing Spiritually I notice a change in the reaction time. For example: I am s-l-o-w-e-r to anger or I think first before I speak. That doesn’t mean I don’t have anger or that I don’t need a ‘time-out’. I still have to remove myself from negative situations. I’m not there yet either! Lol

    Keep up the great work!

  3. Y’all cracked me up in this one! “You talking about me?!?!” LOL!
    I agree wholeheartedly! It is challenging to retain a prosperous (which to me is a positive) attitude when around negative people. I’m at the point in life where I can’t handle being around some people because of their negativity! I would like to get to where it doesn’t matter the attitude of people around me, I’m not there yet, but like Lizabeth said “take it moment by moment”. Good advice there!
    It’s okay, for us, in our humanness to have a “bad” mood! Just don’t make it into a habit is what I’m hearing here. Ex: I have hormones! Boy do I ever! & early menopause so there are days even the devil himself would run & hide from me! Ha! But I try to be aware of how I’m “feeling” so I can counter the ill effects of hormone spikes/drops with a more centered approach. So, to me, awareness & compassion of self is required as we journey into looking at our habits!

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