The Master Key System, Part One #19

We are related to the world without by the objective mind. The brain is the organ of this mind and the cerebrospinal system of nerves puts us in conscious communication with every part of the body. This system of nerves responds to every sensation of light, heat, odor, sound and taste.
Today we talk about how the mind and body are connected. We compare the body to a computer as to how it takes in information, processes that information and then produces a result, action or event – some sort of output.

Our inner world connects with our outer world through our body. When we learn how to control our body, then we can better bring things forth from the inner world. The body really ties the two worlds together.

If we weren’t in this body we wouldn’t be able to experience this world. Our body is our vehicle for being here. Without maintaining the body, it affects how we interpret our experience here in this world.

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