The Master Key System, Part One #11

Harmony in the world within results in optimism and affluence; affluence within results in affluence without.

Even though we had a little trouble getting started (because of Lizabeth’s bad joke, her mind wondering, and Cindy doubting Lizabeth’s definitions), we had a pretty good discussion about our inner world and how it affects our outer world.

We filter what we let into our inner world. How much of our outer world do we filter out? How much are we missing every day because of our attitudes and beliefs. We sometimes block our good by our stinkin’ thinkin’.

Please share your views and ideas about harmony, optimism and affluence in the comment section below. We want to hear what you have to say!

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  1. I DO believe that what resonates from Inside changes the Outside. A small, slightly insignificant example that comes to mind…I have 3 regular customers that I used to not enjoy seeing pull up. They are ill and negative and never smile. I was determined to “break” them. I don’t have a clue of a timeline – but I “broke” all three from coming into my store with such an ugly attitude. I “killed them with kindness” so to speak. And, now that I have taken them on as my projects, through conversation, I have gotten to know them so much better and now enjoy seeing them come in – and I think they enjoy coming in now, too. In one case, I have learned that she had a debilitating car wreck 3 years ago and she is just sad – and mad. 38 years old and can no longer work the farm she loves so much due to multiple neck surgeries. She has many, many horses, cattle and goats and adores her work – but her body will not allow fulfillment. She told me she hates people. She was truly in a deep, dark, sad, bad place. She had yet another neck surgery in December and before she left my store for the last time prior to her surgery, I said “God Bless You” and told her that I would pray for her and I wished her well. She got all teary eyed and smiled — and even laughed with a come-back response. NOT to say that she is not feeling all of those negative things still, but my determination to be kind created a safe place for her to follow suit and be kind also. My inner self at my store changed the outer atmosphere. I could have been sullen and nasty, just like she was (which is what I truly felt like doing when she pulled up!) but I refused to allow her negativity to affect me and my sunshiny day. That would have been HER inner affecting MY outer. Nope. Not today sister!! MY inner was going to affect HER outer or I was gonna die trying – and I finally got through to her. I have communicated with her since and she is just as nice as can be (with me.) Lesson for me – be IN CHARGE of your Inner. Don’t let somebody else’s stinkin’ Outer penetrate your Affluent Inner. Affluence for me, in this instance, is pure happiness. On good days, NO one can take that from me!

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