The Joy of Tithing

moneyI enjoy tithing. There I said it. I think it’s fun to decide who has fed me spiritually and to ask where this tenth should go. A tithe means a tenth. So, Lizabeth and I have committed to giving 1/10th of every bit of income that we receive to the person, place or institution who has Spiritually fed us.

We used to do this when we got enough accumulated to make a fairly good-sized amount. Since we work for ourselves and not an employer, the money comes in sporadically and never at a set time like it would from a regular paycheck. So, letting it accumulate just seemed to be the best way to make a difference to the person, place or institution. But, Edwene reminded me on her video and at her Master Posperity Teacher Training recently that the sooner we tithe, the faster we are keeping that flow going. And that wanting it to be a ‘nice’ amount before we send it is just my ego talking. She says that she tithes every day. As soon as she receives money, she sends it out. So, that’s what we’ve decided to do too.

From now on, every night we will decide who has fed us Spiritually and the next morning the check for 10 percent of all we made the day before will go out. Today, for us, that money will go to Edwene who fed us both through the video that I posted here the other day. She reminded me once again Who I am.

Many people tithe to their church regularly. I do this as well when I’m fed there, but my church does not get all my tithe. I truly pray about who and where I’ve been Spiritually fed. Sometimes that is my church and sometimes it’s someone or someplace else. The point is to think it through and not just make it something I do out of habit.

A tithe given to a ‘need’ creates more need, so we NEVER give our tithe to someone who ‘needs’ it. Only to those who have fed us. That doesn’t mean we don’t give to those who need it, it just doesn’t come from the first tenth. That’s God’s and it’s holy and sacred. It shows whether I can be trusted with my money. We can give to needs with our offerings which is over and above the tithe. You CAN’T out give God.

I have to admit that giving the ten percent is not always easy. Sometimes we really NEED the money – or at least we think we do. But, it’s getting easier because I can see where God has ALWAYS provided. Especially, when we are tithing. Abundantly.

But, now, it’s getting fun! The more I can tithe, that means, the more I’ve received. Handing someone a tithe is a HUGE blessing to both them, and us. I love watching them receive, knowing that God has allowed us to be a part of His blessing on them because they have truly fed us. He is their Source. Not us. We give there because that is where He led us to give.

This is not an exchange for services rendered or for something they have physically given us, this is for something they’ve said or done to remind us Who we really are in God. They said or did something that has changed our lives, helped us see things in a different way, shown us real Truth, or inspired us to be better and live more fulfilling lives.

Receiving a tithe from someone else is an even BIGGER blessing. Not because we are receiving money, but because now that I truly understand tithing, I know that God is blessing me because I have Spiritually fed someone else. God is our Source. Since the first tenth is always His (and He will get it one way or another anyway) I see the tithe as directly from God because He led the person give it to us.

We first say, ‘Thank YOU God!’ and then we say a BIG thank you to the person who followed their Guidance and gave the tithe. It gives us a sense of pride to know that something we said or did may have fed someone else. It is a TRUE honor and blessing to receive a tithe and we are forever grateful to those of you who tithe. We pray that it will multiply 1000-fold back to you.

I no longer see the tithing as giving something away. I see it as a way to observe, honor, and acknowledge the financial blessings that God has given us. It’s more of a ‘record-keeping’ of how much God has blessed us — a way for me to focus on just how much I have received. Whatever I am giving in the tithe means that I have received 10 times that much, so the larger the tithe, the bigger the blessing for both of us.



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