The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 7 Chapter 2 Tithing Questions

We have a very rich Father and He has our back. We need to be reminded of that often. What’s your safety net? Could you spend your plan B money like Edwene did?

Do you have to hit rock bottom financially before you start succeeding? Many people do because they are focused on the lack instead of trusting God and leaning on faith. It’s hard to take a step up while you are still sliding.

Sharing our stories has helped us to remember the passion we’ve had in the past. Tithing and goals are not about the money, they are about passions and feelings. In this video, we discuss our passions that we believed played a big part in our success stories in the past.

We also start discussing the questions about tithing from Edwene’s book. We will continue the questions in tomorrow’s video.

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