The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 4 Chapter 2 Cindy’s Tithing Experience

Tithing is giving one tenth of all your income to the person, place or institution where you are spiritually fed. We discuss what that means to us. We also talk about what spiritual food is for us. People, places and institutions feed us when they remind us who we truly are.

I share my tithing experiences in this video. I began tithing around 20 years ago. I’ve had some amazing experiences. I also share what happened when I stopped tithing for a while.

Edwene’s book on the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity have played a huge role in my awareness of the spiritual law of tithing and how it’s played a part in my prosperity

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Just want to share how delightful it is to watch the video’s the connection between you two, your authenticity and HUMOR. My parents tithed and we were given money to put in the offering, yet the purpose never expressed. My parents did model sharing your talents and gifts with others, to the community which I value. This idea makes me feel less guilty (a word I wanted to delete from my vocabulary in 2014) because I have not tithed nearly ever and when I have it was not 10%. Edwene taught me more about why this amount and why “off the top” yet it has been a real challenge. This is a lack of trust, or belief first the Universe is truly abundant and I am deserving of more. For many years I would say “I do not care about money” in terms of the Law of attraction what I did to myself ! Even coming up with affirmations I about prosperity, the area of finances in particular, is difficult. I have great experiences with affirmations and vision boards so now is the time to do them again!
    I LOVE the phrase you include, “You have Plenty of Time” it is so reassuring to me 🙂 Last year I listened to Suze Orman on the Hay House Summit, I felt like I had been it by a lightening bolt when she said the following :
    Your relationship with money begins with your self, your self worth=your net worth. I listened to this interview 3 times and each time I wept. Logically I kind of knew this, yet emotionally it so connected the dots. When she said money is the physical manifestation of Who You Are I was both inspired and fearful, thinking I better get busy! So glad to be reviewing these notes again. I respect her so much now, before I dismissed her, she works with people getting wealthy, I do not understand even half of what she speaks about, or complicated matters like investments, which I will never have. This is so untrue, her life’s work is really helping others without money, and currently uses many spiritual teachings in her work and life. She thinks of herself as a vessel, God coming through her. Wonderful !
    Rereading these notes is empowering and so ties into Edwene’s book and your teachings! Blessings

    • What I love about the study of Truth is that you can find it and it is usually written by someone you can understand and who speaks your language! Edwene Gaines has been one of those sources for me for several years. She is not the first, nor will she be the last. I have heard of Suze Orman but I wasn’t drawn to her. I am glad that she speaks to you! It is important that we each look for the teacher that fits us and I am glad you have found some good ones for you! Thanks for your kind observations about our relationship! I have to agree. It is as honest and full of humor as you see! It is important to us that you feel like you are sitting with us as we discuss these topics. Thank you for your willingness to share with us! It is how we get fed.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Tithing has been something I used to struggle with. After I got laid off three years ago, I started tithing more regularly. It initially felt like tithing was another “bill” I had to pay. Rev. Joan used to say the Universe will get theirs somehow. It might be an expense that pops up somewhere. Then I started looking at tithing as an insurance policy against bad stuff. I swear our ego minds will come up with a scenario to support our illusions. I have come to believe that you tithe inspite of your belief system. Just do it. Good fortune materializes for all of us over time. Tithing is the rent you pay for the space you occupy. Nothing more needs to be explained. When I send someone a tithe since I don’t have a “church” to attend per se, I just write the check and don’t think about coming up short. Some things are just like breathing. you just do it.

    • I think that the word “tithing” has become like the word “love”. It is used haphazardly and for many definitions that just don’t fit. I see tithing as an energy exchange between the Creator and myself. I am saying, “I see you working in and through me and the other(s) that the feeding comes through. I am thankful for the substance that not only sustains me, but lavishly overfills my cup.” I didn’t always see it like this. It used to be my “admission price” to attend. Thank God I now have more awareness, understanding and knowledge about tithing and how I really miss out when I choose not to.

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