The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 11 Chapter 4 10 Steps to Goal Setting

Today we start discussing the 10 steps that Edwene lists for goal setting in her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity. We get through the first 5.

We talk about our goal setting experiences in the past and how well, or not-so-well, we’ve done. We talk about the steps that seem to slow us down or help us along the most with our goal-setting.

Where are you with your goal-setting? Are you willing to set some real, clear-cut, tangible, exciting goals to go for the things you want in your life? We are determined to make this goal-setting thing work for us. How about you?

Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I love your honesty Lisabeth. Cindy asks you a question about goals and you admit you haven’t written them down. You don’t hesitate with your answer. You just blurt it out. Love it.

    I have never made an extensive list of goals. I will need to spend several days on this chapter. I want to pay off my house and get a newer car. I don’t have steps in place, but I still have the “want to.”
    I have never read my goals three times in the mornings and night. I think sometimes we don’t write them down because we are not accountable and look for an escape hatch. I learned as a child that to avoid disappointment to not ask for anything or expect anything. What a shallow way to live. I know some people do this with relationships or how they allow others to treat them. I think I use school as an excuse to not do the things that will take some depth of soul to accomplish. It’s like the fat lady who can’t go anywhere because she doesn’t have anything to wear.

    So I will write about this tonight in my journal. I am at the library at school. I was one of a 4-5 people who qualified for a scholarship so I had to get the paperwork handed in today for the selection process. Got that done so now I’ve gotta study.

    • Thanks! I am honest to a “fault” I have been told and it is the one thing I can say that I do without fail. (Thus far.) 🙂 I have written the goals, have been saying them, but I have to start over. I have found that my goals have changed and I need to go back to the drawing board again and tweak them. How about you? Have you found a need to tweak your goals?

      • Vivian Miller says

        I just started my list and I am sure there is much tweaking that needs to be done, but I will ask in the silence what I need to edit and know the answer will come.

        About the “to a fault” comment…. I know the more I embrace my power and spiritual connection, I begin to access when to stop talking to eliminate the perception of a “fault.” I think the “no complaining” piece helps us pay attention to what we’re saying and use a different choice of words. Enlightenment is paying attention. As I pay attention, different choices come to my awareness and different vernacular. It’s amazing how the pieces of the puzzle start to fit and there is a knowing what to do and what to say. It does require TRUST, that commodity that seemed so foreign to me when he started this trek together.

        • I have decided that I have to back up and become aware before I can change the complaining. I am busy attentively listening to myself and then changing it in the moment. It will be a while before I can say I am ready to tackle a whole day of no complaining, but I am getting there.

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