The 40 Day Prosperity Plan Feeding Friend-zy Introduction

We will be starting The 40 Day Prosperity Plan as a Feeding Friend-zy so that we can get your input this time around. Please join us January 1, 2014 for Day 1 of the Feeding Friend-zy.

We will post a short video each day and we invite you to discuss the reading for the day with us here on our blog. To get a link to these videos and discussions by email, please sign up for our Feeding Friend-zy newsletter below.

You will get an email each morning for 40 days. In each email we will provide you with a link to our website which will have the next video and a place for you to discuss the day’s lesson with everyone else participating in the Friend-zy.

Before we begin, you will need to get a copy of the book and fill out the commitment that is listed at the beginning of the 40 Day Prosperity Plan.

You will need to commit to do this study every day for 40 days. If you miss a day, you need to start all over at day 1 again.

Each day you need to write down your thoughts. We found writing in a journal every day was beneficial. We also hope that you will share your insights and ideas about the reading with us in the comment section below the day’s video. Instructions for starting over with the newsletter will be listed in the newsletter itself.

We found significant benefits from studying this plan with each other. You can see some of the things we learned and experienced during the study here. We are excited to do the study again, this time we hope you will join us.

Here’s a video introduction to the class which explains why we are doing this and why we would love for you to join us! (Please forgive the dog with the cat allergy in the background. We plan to lock him up when we tape again.)

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I am so happy I stumbled on your posting regarding the 40 day exercise on FB. I signed up and am looking forward to the interaction with all. Vivian

  2. Mystic Mountain Mama says

    I think Mr. Price recommended Approximately 15 minutes & to use the statements as meditations of sorts but, I’m in the same camp with Cindy & Lizabeth in that it was better for me to write the statements out & then journal whatever came up for me! It led me to some interesting places! So much so that I started looking forward to my time with the principles & the journaling! I’m on my second round now, actually! It’s very fulfilling & I’m seeing other things I didn’t see the first time which tells me this deepening my experience! Happy Days, Pam! So glad you are out here with us! Thank you Cindy & Lizabeth for creating this venue!

    • Yes, I believe you are correct Cassandra. I had forgotten that he did recommend 15 minutes of meditation on the statements, but I am not good at meditation because I can’t be that still 🙂 I am a journaler and find that journaling is my meditation. Sharing with a friend really, really helps me GET things better and faster. I’m glad BOTH of you are here to join us so that we can learn from your wisdom and insight!

  3. Couple of quick questions…about how many minutes/hours per day is the lesson commitment? (stab in the dark? – just trying to plan ahead) And, Is it okay that I won’t have the book until 2 or 3 days after you have started?

    • Pam, we try to keep the videos between 5 and 10 minutes long, but sometimes I can’t get Lizabeth to shut up 🙂 You will probably want to spend some time adding to the discussion and journaling on your own. But, the good thing is, on the days you are in a hurry, carving out even a couple of minutes will help.

      The book will be very helpful, but not absolutely necessary to have before you get started. It does have a commitment statement that you will want to be sure and write out for yourself, but you could do this when you get the book. The important thing is to commit now – with or without the book.

      I can’t tell you how much this 40 day plan helped Lizabeth and I when we did it last. It’ really did change our lives. I’m glad you will be joining us!!


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