I am ready. I am ready for change. I welcome the pain of change over the pain of staying the same.

I am willing. I am willing to change my mind. I am open to allowing the natural changes in my body once my mindset is different. I am willing to accept where I am in order to facilitate the changes that I seek.

I am accepting. I accept that I am constantly in a state of metamorphosis but that the end product is of my own making and design.

I am open. I am open to constructive criticism to help me see my path and welcome the support of others on this journey. I am an integral part of a group that needs me as much as I need it and I am willing to be an active member.

I am becoming. Always becoming. I gracefully measure my becoming-ness with the same love I willingly share with another. I remember that the self-love that I show will be the love that I experience.

I am able. I am able to do whatever I set my mind to do. I accept that I may have temporary limitations but that those limitations are merely challenges. I work with my current challenges to strengthen the body that will uncover the new abilities that will bring about change.

I am determined. I set goals that will that will challenge me to push through the temporary pains of change and keep me motivated to reach my potential. I am willing to notice my daily gains so that I can celebrate my larger victories.

I am moving. I am always moving, even when my body is not in motion. I let go of the negativity that has kept me spinning in place to allow the forward momentum of my positive efforts.

I am new. I am a new creature each day and I allow this transformation to shape my thoughts and habits.

I am my time. My time is my own. I have the time to do whatever I choose to do and I accept full responsibility for my time management. I recognize that I spend my time, no one else does.

~Lizabeth Casada

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