Serving for the Joy of Serving and Prosperity Fillmore in his book Prosperity talks about us ‘serving for the joy of serving.’ I’ve read that many times but never really understood it until recently. Or at least I didn’t understand how it related to prosperity. Or at least my own prosperity.

Today, after continuing to work the 40 day prosperity plan by John Randolph Price, I think Fillmore’s statement makes a little bit more sense in relation to my prosperity.

As we progress in the 40 day prosperity plan and our quest for our own prosperity, we’ve decided to ‘work’ more for clients we enjoy ‘working’ with and for. We’ve decided to do more of the things we enjoy doing and less of the stuff we don’t enjoy doing.

The creativity and service seems to come much more easily and more freely when we enjoy the client, believe in what they are doing, and are excited about their success. It is ‘work’ that we would do even if we weren’t getting paid.

One of the hardest things I have to do in my ‘job’ is put a price on my time. Especially when it’s a friend. Or a project that I really want to help push forward. Sometimes, by pricing my services at the ‘going rate’, I sometimes price myself out of the job. When it’s ‘work’ I really wanted to do or a project I’m really fond of, or a friend who I really want to help, I’m disappointed. I understand completely that they just can’t afford my services. Many times they are just starting out and really don’t have the money to put into the project.

Often, they’ll hire me to do some of the work but have to settle for less than what they really wanted. They don’t get to build exactly what they were dreaming of building.

Since I push people to dream and try to break through their limiting beliefs, it’s hard for me to then put a limit on them by charging them more than they can afford.

But, I have to eat too. So, where do I draw the line? When do I quit giving myself away and start charging for the ‘work’. And when do I give in and help move the project forward and still keep my own bills paid?

I finally figured out the answer. I’ve known the answer all along, but I just remembered it. Actually, I just started really believing it.

The answer is that God is my Source. I’ve always heard, “You can’t out give God.” But, the more I ended up giving myself away, the less of me… the less ‘stuff’… the less money… I seemed to have. I was giving, giving, giving and yet, I still had less. Why? I was supposed to have more, not less.

Many times when I would work for free or even just less than what I would normally charge, it just didn’t work. I had less and the client was feeling bad because they couldn’t afford to pay what I wanted, or they didn’t value what they got because of the price. Things felt uneven or they just didn’t appreciate what I was doing for them.

When I realized, through the 40 day prosperity plan, that it really is ALL about God… ALL about the Energy exchange… I realized that I wasn’t putting the Energy into it that I should have been putting into it. When I put the Energy into it, there must be an equal exchange.

The more (Energy) I give, the more (Energy) I get back. Period. God is my Source. It may, or may not come, from the same place I give. When I build websites because I want to build them… When I help on a project because I WANT to help on a project… When I serve because I enjoy serving… The Energy has to be exchanged. I get back more than what I put in.

On the other hand, when I’m giving because I want money, or want anything in return, for that matter, I’m not really putting any real Energy into it. It may or may not be returned.

It’s all in my perspective and how I look at things. When I look at my service as an investment into the project or if I do something just because I want to do it, then I get my reward just by the action of my involvement. When I get paid on top of that, it’s just gravy.

It all boils down to this: God is my Source. And when I believe that… truly believe that, I can do whatever I want to do. If I follow my Guidance and do what I’m led to do – not because of money – but because it’s what I WANT to do or am being LED to do, because it’s MINE to do, I will have JOY in the doing of it. Since God is my Source, then my needs are going to be met – no matter what. If they aren’t met through this action, then they will be met some other way. But, since my action included my Energy, then by putting the Energy out into the universe, it MUST come back multiplied. It’s not mine to determine the HOW it will come back. I just have to know that it will.

By knowing this, I can serve for the joy of serving and not worry about how much I’m charging. When I have clients who understand that a transaction must be an equal exchange of Energy, everybody wins. The more I ‘do’ for my clients, the more they will ‘do’ for others. It may not be me, but mine may come some other way. I only have to trust God that it will come.

The more I ‘do’ for my clients because I believe in them and their dreams, the more I will get in return. Not only money, but joy, appreciation, and Energy.

Zig Ziggler said something like, “the more I help others get what they want, the more I will get what I want.” When I think of God as my Source and how this equal exchange of Energy MUST happen in our world, this Zig statement makes complete sense. I can’t out give God. I will serve for the joy of serving. In the process, I gain more prosperity, more joy, more life, more Energy… ALL the good stuff that life is made of.



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