Ready, Set… GO!

photo (3)Are you ready for an adventure?  We are!  We are setting out in search of the prosperous life.  Not just prosperity in our finances but prosperity in all avenues.  We are convinced that this prosperity thing is about the equal exchange of energy and not about money alone.  We know that if we love enough, we will receive it 100-fold.  No, make that 1000-fold.

We are headed to Valley Head, Alabama to get spiritually fed as we focus our minds on prosperity.  Tucked within the mountain-folds of Mother Earth lies our prosperity Guru, Edwene Gaines.  We are attending her Master Prosperity Teacher’s Training for 2013.

We are showing up with high hopes and intentions to cast our nets around the goals that will help us build this prosperous life.  The prosperous life that we are intending to achieve includes plenty of travel, freedom, and fun!

We will start off this week totally unplugged, focusing on our inward impulses which is the seat of our desires.  We hope to share with you the good, the bad, the ugly, but most of all the beautiful, as we travel this journey.

What does prosperity mean to you?  For us, it means Spiritual fulfillment, vibrant health, meaningful work, travel, guidance, close, deep relationships, all the money we can spend, and fun!

We start this journey where we are.  We are in debt up to our earballs, have bills that are sometimes hard to pay, and five kids between the two of us that we are trying to help support.  We just finished caring for my Mom in our home with the help of hospice.  It was a long, hard battle and took quite a bit of our energy and money.  So, we start this having to renew our web development business, fully relying on God, knowing that God is our Source.  If we can set out to help enough people get what they want, we will embrace a prosperous life.

We would love for you to join us on this journey.  We are jumping in with both feet and dunking our earballs!

By the way, it helps to be a little nuts, a little adventurous, and have a lot of faith.



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