R V Crazy?

13466426_1459300657445367_8908085461540961674_nWe ask each other this question a lot: Are we crazy?

Do we really want to LIVE in an RV full time? Our answer always comes back ‘YES!’

Other people probably think we are crazy. We don’t care. Others may call us ‘homeless’. We don’t care.

Living full time in an RV has been our dream since we met.

We love to travel. Some of our best memories have been from our long road trips – and even our short ones. We love every minute of it.

We love the freedom to go anywhere we want, whenever we want. We love being close to nature and seeing the beauty that surrounds us. We love visiting beautiful places, watching amazing sunsets, and taking selfies – even though we know we suck at it. We love all of it.

The things we liked the least were:

  • staying in a different hotel most every night
  • worrying about our ‘stuff’ back home such as:
    • who’s getting the mail
    • who’s mowing the lawn
    • who’s checking on the house to make sure no one’s broken in or the water pipes haven’t burst
    • and, will someone think we’ve abandoned the house?

      But, most of all, why pay rent or mortgage on a house that we hardly live in?

      We did have some things that kept us from doing this whole RV thing sooner.

      • We still had kids at home, in public school
      • Even if we had decided to homeschool all the kids, they weren’t as keen on traveling as we were
      • Even if they had been keen on traveling, we had traveled with several of the kids and it was difficult to say the least – not because of their behavior, but just because the more people you have, the more difficult it gets.
      • We had a mountain of debt that we were trying to get out from under
      • Money. We didn’t have the money to buy the things we needed, much less an RV

      10897890_879009555474483_5686454888895907576_n10386371_879009362141169_6254216177690257474_nNotice, our jobs are not in either of those lists. We are thankful that our income is very mobile and plays well with travel, so that wasn’t a problem – and still isn’t. We can work from anywhere we have internet. (We have now gone to great lengths to make sure we have internet most anywhere. Our only limitations now, when it comes to internet, are the location of cell towers. We have apps and tools to help us find the cell towers, which also helps.)

      When both of our daughters (the last of our children at home) graduated from High School this year, we had no real reason to stay where we were. We thought they would be up for moving to an apartment in a new city since we really wanted a change of scenery. They weren’t. However, they were both ready to move out on their own.

      As we tried to decide where we should live, the RV idea came up again. What was holding us back now? Money. We still had the debt and believed we couldn’t afford to do this… yet.

      Instead, we came up with a plan to pay the debt off as soon as possible. We refinanced some loans and moved some things around to where we had a reasonable plan in place to get the debt paid off in a couple of years. THEN we could make our dreams of living in an RV a reality.

      Making that plan put things in motion. Our next step was to go look at RV’s to see how much we needed to save AFTER our debt was paid off.

      Our initial plan was to buy a Class C RV (a motor home – camper with a truck front end) and pull a small car behind it. We knew what kind of car we wanted. So, to set our goals we needed to find out how much income we needed to make it happen. Thank goodness, there are not limits on income. When you need more, you create more.

      Class C RV’s were about the same as a house payment. And the car we wanted was going to be pretty pricy too. While we were there, we decided to just take a look at the travel trailers (the kind you pull behind a truck) to make sure we weren’t missing out on anything.

      I was shocked at how nice they were. I was more shocked at how reasonable the price compared to the Class C. We liked the idea of our main vehicle being separate from our house. If the vehicle needed maintenance, we wouldn’t have to be without our house or have to find another place to stay while it was being repaired.

      11392976_987119634663474_296040787170023177_n13620203_1474172455958187_1214613809934532824_nWhen I looked at the cost of trading both our current vehicles in for a truck that would tow a travel trailer and then buying a travel trailer instead of a class C RV, I was shocked to find that not only was it reasonable, but it was doable for us! It would be cheaper to do that than to continue as we were with two cars and a house or apartment.

      We quickly found a used truck (we named him Bruce) that would pull the travel trailer we had fallen in love with (We named her OPaL for Our Prosperous Life). The monthly payment on both of these is about the same as we were paying before on both cars that we traded for Bruce. We would replace our monthly rent and utilities with campground fees, propane, and fuel for Bruce. We basically broke even financially.

      Our dreams were coming true right before our eyes. And it wasn’t costing any more than our monthly expenses before. I had to pinch myself several times to make sure this was real. Within two weeks of deciding to just go look at RV’s, we were in one. A month and a half later, we were living in it full time.

      Our dreams came true that quickly.

      Now, we are living the dream. It’s everything I dreamed it would be, and more. We’ve had a huge learning curve which has caused some major growth spurts. We’ve had some ‘downs’, but mostly ‘ups’.

      Would I do it again? Absolutely! Are we crazy? Most definitely. Do we care? Not a bit. We love our life. We know this life isn’t for everyone. But, finding and going for the life of your dreams should happen sooner, rather than, later.

      Don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that it costs too much. Don’t assume that you can’t do it. Don’t assume that you are too old. Or too young. Just do it. Start making a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. You might just be surprised at how quickly the Universe makes everything fall into place. We were.

      Go for it! NOW! And don’t worry about looking or feeling crazy. That just makes it that much more fun!


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