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Today is Day 33 on our 40 Day Prosperity Plan from “The Abundance Book” by John Randolph Price. I had some wonderful insights this morning and the point of this journey is to share, so here it goes. The reading for today is, “I am conscious of the Inner Presence as my lavish Abundance. I am conscious of the constant activity of this Mind of Infinite Prosperity. Therefore, my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth.” Beautiful sentiments. The point being that repeating these statements to myself, meditating on them, and then journaling on them will bring forth the Prosperity in my life.

Cindy and I undertook this challenge more than 55 days ago. Wait a minute, this is suppose to be a 40 day challenge. How do I get 55 days? When you miss a day, like we did, you start over. So, 55 days into this 40 day challenge, I am realizing some really great things. When we first started, we began with repeating the statement 3-4 times and then defining the sentences. The next time through we began to define the words. Changing our definitions started to come and so we began replacing the words with others that brought on deeper meanings. For example, replacing the word Truth with God, then the word God with our own name, our own name with the word Love and then Energy. Switching out the words gave us a new perspective and the sentence took on a different meaning to look at and explore. Each step brought us a deeper understanding and brought on wonderful conversations full of great Spiritual insight.

So I realized today that I am at another place. I am now not as interested in defining the statements or the words any longer. I am moving from a place of understanding to a place of knowing. I am now comfortable with my definitions and placement of them in my life and I am moving deeper still.

So how is repeating these statements and meditating on them and then journaling my thoughts changing my prosperity? As we discussed this morning, the money still isn’t where we would like it to be and we have other challenges as well. While I am not where I want to be yet, it doesn’t mean I am not well on my way. So the question became, ‘if knowing that God Is My Source and keeping that in my focus is all there is to it, why don’t I see what I want to see now?’ It was discussed that I know that gravity exists but I don’t have to “do” anything for it to work. So if just knowing that God is, and is working, should mean that I don’t have to “do” anything for my prosperity.

I then was given this insight. Let’s say you have an entire generation of children that are told that they cannot walk. They are told that, their parents treat them like they can’t and society as a whole prepares for them by building a place where walking isn’t necessary. 98% of those kids will be unable to walk because they ‘believe’ they cannot. Then there is 1% that will doubt it and dream about walking, but because their bodies concur with what they are being told, they will not walk. Then there is that 1% who believe they can walk. Their believe turns into a desire to try. They try, experience the same challenges with the body but they believe they can and then do what it takes. They ask the question, “what must I change about me to make this happen?”. That 1% CAN walk. That 1% DOES walk.


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There are the 98% that aren’t walking that criticize the methods that are being used. They laugh at the crutches and scoff at the walkers and ridicule those who have to use a wheelchair for a while. They moan about having to wait on those who are preparing the world for them. They dictate how their world should be shaped by not walking and then complain that they are stiff and sore and wish they could walk like the 1% do.

I believe that we were all taught that we are not prosperous. I believe that 98% of us get up everyday and go to a job we hate because we “believe” that our prosperity comes from that source. 1% dream about prosperity, buy lottery tickets and wish on stars but because they don’t see instant results, they too believe they are not prosperous. Then there are the 1% who never heard of the recession, or a depression, was never taught that their dreams relied on someone else and knows there is nothing that they cannot have. Those 1% are taxed, berated and investigated until they defend their right to dream in spite of the 98%.

I am a part of the 98%. I was one who used to scoff at those who were trying to walk but failing in my eyes. I was one who went to a job I hated because I was taught that the only hope I had was THAT paycheck.

There is one group that I forgot to mention. They are a part of the 98% who secretly dream of a way to walk and silently search for their way so that the others around them will not be offended. Those who know deep down that God wants for all to walk and will make the way unique enough for all to find their way. I am part of the 98% that is awakening. I always dreamed I could, even though I was told never to hope for it. I always knew God wanted me not only to walk but to run, full out and wide open with my face to the wind. I always was on the lookout for my chance, the courage to get up and try. I watched with patience and great hope, studying in closets those that have walked before me and those who now run.

January 29, 2012 I found my path, I gathered my courage and decided to try to walk. I left a relationship that no longer served me and set out with just crutches to begin with. I left with my two children, one paycheck, that dream and decided I was going to teach them, by SHOWING them that we CAN walk.

On November 4, 2012, I left the job I hated, dropped my crutches and began to walk. Yes, I have fallen and yes, I stumble, but I AM WALKING. Just a few short days after the anniversary of my walk, I am reminded that their are others who are still dreaming and others that are waking and I say to all of you:

I am prosperous! You are prosperous! You can walk! You begin by asking, “What must I change about myself to see this in my life?” Take the first step then watch God work. His ways are unique for each of us so that none get left behind. Are you scared? I was too. Give it a try.



Watch me.


I will go first if you want.


I am not only walking…watch me RUN!!!




  1. Mystic Mtn Mama says

    Thank you for leading the way! I find that I too am moving into the space of prosperity as I’m on my second round of 10 statements! One the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is that I’ve been caught out a few times short on cash but I’ve never truly been poor. I am is the supply. I am the source of my supply & its unlimited! I encourage your readers to get the little book, its only $6.30 on amazon & then do the 40 day plan! Such a bargain for a life changing experience!

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