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My life works.  I am living my dreams.  The life I am living is exactly what I wanted six months or a year ago.  Am I happy?  Yes.  Am I comfortable?  No.  Why not?  Because the more my dreams come true, the bigger my new dreams get.  And that’s a good thing.

The trick is being happy with the dreams that have come true instead of being disappointed in the dreams that have yet to be manifested. I can be happy and uncomfortable at the same time if I keep the right perspective.  Being uncomfortable is a good thing because it keeps me seeking more.  It produces growth more quickly.  Life is all about growth, increase, and a desire for more.  It’s just the way we were made.

As I start this blog, I’m trying to remember when my interest in prosperity was piqued .  I can’t pinpoint the exact time.  It’s really just been a series of events. Money seems to have been a driving force in my life.  I’m sure many of you can say the same.  I think it’s what drives many of us.  We must have money to survive in our society.  And yet, so many of us are taught that money is something we shouldn’t wish for.  We don’t want to be greedy.

I began to notice that I had so many mixed feelings and beliefs and emotions surrounding money that I wanted to search for the truth – or at least MY truth about money.  It’s brought me on an incredible journey which I feel, in many ways, has just begun.  I’ve come a long way already, but that’s nothing compared to how far I feel I need to go. I want to share this journey with you.

There will be posts about how I got to where I am now.  There will be posts about what I’m learning now.  And there will be posts about what I want to happen in the future and how I expect to get there.  As I sit here now, I’m really not sure where this will lead.  My goal is that it will help you become more prosperous.  I hope that it stretches your brain and forces you to think about things that you haven’t considered before.  And I’m hoping that you can share your ideas, opinions and beliefs with me so that I can learn from you.

The best way to learn is to teach.  I have become a prosperity teacher, mostly because I want to learn as much as I can about it.  Prosperity is not just about money.  Prosperity means good, vibrant health; Wonderful, loving relationships that work; Enjoyable work that I love; and ALL the money I can spend.  Having all those things makes me prosperous.  Having some of those without the others will not work for me.  I could figure out how to make all the money I can spend, but I may not be doing the work that I love, or I could have to sacrifice my health or relationships to get it.  That’s just not an option for me.  I have to have them all.  I know… I believe… that I can have it all.  And that’s the first step to prosperity: believing that you can have it ALL!

YOU CAN TOO! You can have it all.  I not only want to prove that to you, but I want to help you get it.

In my web development and small business consulting business, I’ve been helping people build their online businesses.  I’ve been watching as some of my clients succeed in massive ways while others fail miserably.  What’s the difference?  They are using the same technology.  Many of them have comparable skills.  The main difference between the successful clients and the unsuccessful clients are their beliefs: their mindset, their thinking on a daily basis, their attitude, and their belief in themselves, their products or services, and their team if they have one.  Those clients who enjoy their work are much more likely to succeed.  Those clients who are happy seem to do better.

I’ve been teaching for years that when we do what we love to do and enjoy our work, the money will come.  And yet, I felt stuck in a position that was not working for me.  The money was there but I was not happy.   I didn’t enjoy the work so much anymore.  My clients were getting harder and harder to deal with on a daily basis.  I know that was because of my attitude and not so much theirs.  But, regardless of who was to blame, it just wasn’t working for me.  I decided to quit.  What??  Quit in this economy?  We need those clients!  We need that money!

I decided to put my money where my mouth was and only do the things I wanted to do.  Only take on the clients and projects that I wanted to take on.  My bank account took a hit.  A big hit.  I panicked.  But, it forced me to take a hard look at prosperity and my belief system.  It forced me to experience what I had been teaching for so long.  It forced me to decide if I was going to give money the same power it has had on me for decades or if I am going to take my power back.

I’m taking my power back! I am determined to figure the prosperity thing out.  I’ve heard so much about the Law of Attraction and The Secret and all the other prosperity teachings out there.  I have experienced many things that make me KNOW there is some truth in all this, but I have yet to keep things working consistently.  That’s my challenge.  I want to experiment until I’ve found the real secret.  I want to know the truth.  The real truth.

This does not come without risks.  My family is well aware of the risks that we are taking.  I could lose it all.  Or I could have it all.  I choose to believe that I WILL HAVE IT ALL.  I am keeping the faith.

Faith in what?  Here’s the deal.  When I started to write about prosperity on my other blogs, something held me back.  It’s hard to teach prosperity without bringing some spiritual laws into the mix.  That always stopped me short because I didn’t believe that I could mix spirituality into my JOB.  I couldn’t force my beliefs on my clients.  There needed to be a separation in my mind.  I think those lines are going away.  I believe businesses of the future will be based more and more on spirituality.  It’s coming.  But, to keep the line there for my clients who do not appreciate the mixture, I’m starting this blog which will allow me the freedom that I want and need to include my spirituality in the mix. My faith is in God.

This blog is for those who want MORE.  More love.  More money.  More health.  More Spirit.  More of God. More life!  When we seek first the kingdom of heaven, all these things are added unto us!  I seek truth.  The Truth will set us free.  Freedom = Prosperity.  Prosperity = Freedom.

And so it begins…  with one step.  Take the first step.  Decide to join me on this journey.  Join my mailing list over on the right.  Sign up for the RSS feed.  Or connect with me on Facebook.  I promise you it is going to be a wild ride!


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