The Master Key System, Part Two #8

We can walk at will; we can raise the arm whenever we choose to do so; we can give our attention through eye or ear to any subject at pleasure. On the other hand, we cannot stop our heartbeats nor the circulation of the blood, nor the growth of stature, nor the formation of nerve and muscle tissue, nor the building of the bones, nor many other important vital processes.
Some things we choose to do and others just happen without us thinking about them.

How do we choose to get rid of illness? These things that happen ‘naturally’ are all striving toward our health and growth.

The illnesses are caused by blocking the natural processes. Stress blocks the processes which help us to thrive.

The choices we make in our conscious life sometimes interrupt the subconscious processes. Through conscious choice we can put things into our subconscious mind which becomes a habit.

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