The Master Key System, Part Two #6

We are all aware how dependent we are upon the subconscious, and the greater, the nobler, the more brilliant our thoughts are, the more it is obvious to ourselves that the origin lies beyond our ken. We find ourselves endowed with tact, instinct, sense of the beautiful in art, music, etc., of whose origin or dwelling place we are wholly unconscious.
There is a power beyond myself that’s taking control or comes through me. Our subconscious mind is more powerful than we often realize.

Our talent lies within our subconscious. It’s also where we tap into our love.

When I access that part of me, then I am completely oblivious to what’s going on. What happens to you when you get ‘in the zone?’ Share your experience with us below. What does that feel like to you?

Also, ask your friends to join us in this study. It’s never too late to start!

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