The Master Key System, Part Two #4

It is through the subconscious that Shakespeare must have perceived, without effort, great truths which are hidden from the conscious mind of the student; that Phidias fashioned marble and bronze; that Raphael painted Madonnas and Beethoven composed symphonies.
When we get ‘out of the way’, we often wonder where ‘that came from.’ It must have come from the bigger Self.

Our consciousness is a sort of filter that interferes with our subconscious truth. If we can move our consciousness out of the way, we are in the flow or the zone.

We talk about subconscious vs. the superconscious vs. the consciousness. We certainly are not psychologists and hadn’t thought about a lot of this stuff before, but we find it all very interesting.

These Masters found the secret to getting straight to the subconsciousness where the true gift lies. When we get to the gift, it takes no effort to pull it forth. It just flows.

How do you get to that subconsciousness and move past the consciousness? We feel it’s different for each of us, but it’s basically about getting the end of ourselves and must trust and rely on the God within.

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