The Master Key System, Part Two #24

To sum up: The normal function of the subconscious on the physical side have to do with the regular and vital processes, with the preservation of life and the restoration of health; with the care of offspring, which includes an instinctive desire to preserve all life and improve conditions generally.
Everything we have to have for survival comes from our subconscious. We react from our subconscious.

If we don’t feel that we have certain natural instincts, it’s because we’ve reprogrammed our subconscious to cover up those instincts. We can’t recode our subconscious, those natural tendencies are always there, but we can cover them up with bad thinking patterns.

Our conscious mind can cover up or uncover the subconscious natural instincts. It takes practice and consciously changing these things over and over until they become habit.

Our subconscious is our direct connection to God.

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