The Master Key System, Part Two #21

The operation of this law is interesting. Those who put it into operation find that when they go out to meet the person with whom they anticipate a difficult interview, something has been there before them and dissolved the supposed differences; everything is changed; all is harmonious; they find that when some difficult business problem presents itself they can afford to make delay and something suggests the proper solution; everything is properly arranged; in fact, those who have learned to trust the subconscious find that they have infinite resources at their command.
Lizabeth’s daughter Emily joins us for today’s discussion.

The subconscious mind puts us in direct contact with God. God can solve all our problems if we just turn them over to Him. When we learn to trust this power higher than our conscious selves, we start tapping into a miraculous power that we can’t explain.

When we forget this power and start worrying about things we put up a wall between us and this subconscious power we call God.

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