The Master Key System, Part Two #12

It has the faculty of discrimination, carrying with it the responsiblilty of choice. It has the power of reasoning — whether inductive, deductive, analytical or syllogistic — and this power may be developed to a high degree. It is the seat of the will with all the energies that flow therefrom.
The conscious mind is very important. It ties us to this world. It does the reasoning and the thinking and the keeping me from getting hit by a car.

We can train it to make choices and keeps us in communication with this world we live in. Without our conscious mind, which controls our five senses, we could not interact with each other.

It is also where our ‘will’ exists. We see the ‘will’ as our choices or judgements and determinations. We discuss ‘will power’ and habits as they relate to this statement. We also talk about decisions and commitments and even clutter.

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