The Master Key System, Part Three #4

We have seen that every thought is received by the brain, which is the organ of the conscious; it is here subjected to our power of reasoning. When the objective mind has been satisfied that the thought is true it is sent to the Solar Plexus, or the brain of the subjective mind, to be made into our flesh, to be brought forth into the world as reality. It is then no longer susceptible to any argument whatever. The subconscious mind cannot argue; it only acts. It accepts the conclusions of the objective mind as final.

This explains how we get our thoughts into manifestations. Once our conscious minds make a decision, then it’s truth for me and goes inside the subconscious. It gets put into our flesh – into manifestation.

What we put in our head comes out as reality. Once we put it into the flesh, it’s hard to get it out. It is no longer susceptible to any argument. It’s not something that will be changed easily.

It takes a decision – not just a thought. Thank goodness. It takes a little time before the manifestation appears.

This brings more meaning to the saying, “moving it from my head to my heart.” But, we have to have the emotion that goes with it.

We have the ability to move our thoughts to habits and then automatic so that it frees our conscious mind to work on more important things. How cool is that?

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