The Master Key System, Part Three #27

When making a practical application of this principle, in accordance with the exercises given in the subsequent lessons, it is well to remember that it is not necessary to outline the method by which the subconscious will produce the results you desire. The finite cannot inform the Infinite. you are simply to say what you desire, not how you are to obtain it.
Are you trying to figure out how your dreams will manifest? Are you trying to make them happen? It’s not our business to worry about the ‘how.’ We simply need to state our desire and let God deliver any way He chooses. It’s His business to produce results using any ‘how’ He wants.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make plans of our own. We just shouldn’t be attached to that outcome.

We think we should keep moving in the direction we want to head and follow our guidance… we have to take some sort of action before the Universe will jump in behind us and make things happen. Taking the next right step shows the Universe that we are serious. This, somehow, puts things into motion.

Nothing is too large or too small for God. Ask God what your next step should be.

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