The Master Key System, Part One Questions & Review

Today Lizabeth attempts to answer the questions at the end of Part One. Actually, she does REALLY well! She gets an ‘A’ in the class. How about you? How do you score?

We also discuss how this book has helped us to tie the spiritual, mental, and physically relate to God. We like how it has tied the scientific and spiritual laws together as a way to communicate with God.

We talk about our experience with meditation for the Part One application. I almost fell asleep while Lizabeth noticed that everything got louder. What about you? What was your experience with 15 minutes of stillness? Did you do it? Was it hard for you to control your body?

Please share your experience with meditation and the questions with us. Also, what are your thoughts about this study? Do you agree with the things Mr. Haanel is teaching in this book? Also, invite others to join us in this study and in the other Feeding Friend-zys.

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