The Master Key System, Part One #40

Recognition is a mental process, mental action is therefore the interaction of the individual upon the Universal Mind, and as the Universal Mind is the intelligence which pervades all space and animates all living things, this mental action and reaction is the law of causation, but the principle of causation does not obtain in the individual but in the Universal Mind. It is not an objective faculty but a subjective process, and the results are seen in an infinite variety of conditions and experiences.
Recognizing that God is within, then we are interacting with God or the Universal Mind. Being conscious that we are conscious is the interaction with Divine Mind.

God is in everything. This interaction is the cause and effect. We can’t manifest alone, it is a process of God or the One Mind.

This process creates different things through different people. It’s all the same thought or the same idea but we all filter it differently and we express it differently, so we put our own twist on the thought that comes from the One Mind. We all have the same basic thought which exists in One Mind.

This is how we can all be individuals with the same One Mind.

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