The Master Key System, Part Four #5

The greatest and most marvelous power which this “I” has been given is the power to think, but few people know how to think constructively, or correctly, consequently they achieve only indifferent results. Most people allow their thoughts to dwell on selfish purposes, the inevitable result of an infantile mind. When a mind becomes mature, it understands that the germ of defeat is in every selfish thought.
When are we selfish? Are we selfish when we forget that we are all one?

What we spend our thoughts on, determines the direction of our life. Are we throwing pity parties, blaming others and focusing on the problem? Or are we focusing on solutions, evaluating our results and learning to make better choices?

Selfishness and greed come when we want things but don’t want others to have those same things. It isn’t selfish or greedy when we want all these things for others too.

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