The Master Key System, Part Four #3

Your personality is made up of countless individual characteristics, peculiarities, habits, and and traits of character; these are the result of your former method of thinking, but they have nothing to do with the real “I.”
We are in awe of the condition of our ‘shell’. We are in awe that it has turned out as good as it has, considering the abuse, environment, and other things we invite into our experience. These things mold our personality and character, but that is not who we actually ARE.

We often blame our parents for some of the things that have happened, but their only job was to get us into this world. They do the rest with what they know and have to work with at the time. They had a different perspective than we have now. We must accept the responsibility.

The real “I” is the God of me that was breathed in to this body when I was born. It’s the real me. Remember who you TRULY are.

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