The Master Key System Part Four 28

The reply is, by exercise; mental strength is secured in exactly the same way that physical strength is secured, by exercise. We think something, perhaps with difficulty the first time; we think the same thing again, and it becomes easier this time; we think it again and again; it then becomes a mental habit. We continue to think the same thing; finally it becomes automatic; we can no longer help thinking this thing; we are now positive of what we think; there is no longer any doubt about it. We are sure; we know.
Use it or lose it. Our minds need daily exercise just like our bodies do. Likewise, reaching our goals and manifesting what we want for our lives is a mental practice. If we aren’t seeing what we desire, we can assume that we are “out of practice” mentally.

The act of exercising our physical bodies strengthens the muscles that we have and builds upon them to gain new strength that we had not previously known. When we engage our minds we are doing the same thing; strengthening old pathways and building new ones. We can only positively change the subconscious mind by engaging the conscious mind in a new practice; the habit of thinking positive thoughts.

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