The Master Key System Part Four 27

From this it is evident that in order to express power, abundance or any other constructive purpose, the emotions must be called upon to give feeling to the thought so that it will take form. How may this purpose be accomplished? This is the vital point; how may we develop the faith, the courage, the feeling, which will result in accomplishment?
Manifesting what we desire comes not just from the thought about it. We must feel it as well. Once the feeling nature is activated, we cannot help but act on it. If we didn’t need the feelings to go with the thought, every thought we had would manifest and chaos would ensue.

Cindy recognizes the deep emotion she had when she wanted to remain at home with her son. She then set out to make it her top priority and knows that if she hadn’t “felt” it, it would have been harder to make it so. Once the feeling nature is engaged, we begin to act as if we already have it. It is that determination that draws it to us.

Not only does it take feeling, it takes courage, commitment and sacrifice because our feelings are not consistent. We can quickly lose the excitement for a project but commitment and courage can sometimes carry it along until we get excited again.

There is also another element in manifestation that we sometimes are hesitant to acknowledge; sacrifice. Often, depending on our desire, we are called to sacrifice something in order to obtain our greater desires.

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