The Master Key System Part Four 25

Over-work or over-play or over-bodily activity of any kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which make it impossible to do the more important work which results in a realization of conscious power. We should, therefore, seek the Silence frequently. Power comes through repose; it is in the Silence that we can be still, and when we are still, we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.
Every part of life is a balance and if we over-do-it in any one area, we are out of balance. Even when we dream of a time of being able to do nothing but play, our lives would still be out of balance.

Balancing our lives includes time in the Silence reconnecting with Source. Our time in the Silence allows us to balance out the “overages” of our lives and gets us thinking again, where our power of creation lies.

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