The Master Key System, Part Four #1

The “I” of you is not the physical body; that is simply an instrument which the “I” uses to carry out it’s purposes; the “I” cannot be the Mind, for the mind is simply another instrument which the “I” uses with which to think, reason, and plan.
Our minds can only be a tool for the “I” of me, the Spirit of me.

Our bodies are filled with the Breath of God which makes us expressions of Him. We are His tools to manifest and create in this physical realm. We were also made to think for ourselves with an ego. This gives us a free will.

We get into a discussion about good and evil vs. choice. Is darkness a covering of light or an absence of light? If it is a covering, then what is it?

If you take the judgement out of it, it’s simply a choice. It’s a matter of perception.

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