Just Keep Swimming

justkeepswimming Day 5 in the true quest towards “practicing our prosperity” and I am in a different place today.  I woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day.  I began the same way we have the previous 4 days.  Wake, thank God, talk, read our daily reading in the 40 Day Prosperity Plan by John Randolph Price, meditate and discuss the reading, journal on the feelings it brings up and then get ready to work.  Today however  ‘reality’ smacked me in the face.  My daughters have needs that I just don’t see how we are going to meet.  Thanks to the changing weather, they both need jackets and long pants and we have $30.00 cash to spend right now.

This is where faith comes in.  This is where sticking to the goal comes in.  This is where, let’s face it, it can get scary.  Yes, on the scale of “scary” this is very minor.  Or is it?  To me, right now, my daughters have needs and I cannot see how to get them met.  To me, it looks like a downhill slide.  My mind starts to go to all those dark places and ask all those scary questions.  You know the ones; ‘Am I going to be able to make enough to clothe them?’, ‘Am I going to start falling behind on the bills?’, ‘Am I going to…’ etc.  I’m sure you know the path my mind is traveling right now.  It would be so easy to give up.  It would be so easy to just give in to the ‘illusion’ that I don’t “have enough”.

Determined to LIVE the prosperous life, I will not let the ‘illusion’ that I do not have enough determine my attitude.  The ‘reality’ of that statement is that there is a lot of fear in living on faith.  Fear has a way of clouding judgement, ruling over the mind and taking over the tongue.  Fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) has a way of freeing me from a rut or freezing me to the ground where I stand.  This morning I noticed the fear of the situation.  That’s what is different.gaspingforair

It is now my decision to roll around in the fear and let it drag me under or not.  It is a scary place.  Like a fish out of water really.  It makes me gasp and worry over things rather than acting on my knowledge.  What I know is that I have a very rich Father.  I am a joint heir and that my heaven is here and now.  My abundance is not only assured, it surrounds me and flows to me and through me.  Just like a fish in the water.  The fish doesn’t ask, “Where’s the water?”  It simply swims.

It is hard to just keep swimming in the midst of the illusion of fear.  I choose to look beyond.  I choose to do as it was suggested in the Bible.  God invites me to “Bring the entire tithe into the storehouse that there may be food in my house. So put me to the test in this right now,” says the LORD of the Heavenly Armies, “and see if I won’t throw open the windows of heaven for you and pour out on you blessing without measure.”  Malachi 3:10.  I am putting God to the test.

I must do my part–even through the fear.   Emma Curtis Hopkins reminded me of this today.  “Learning a theory, however beautiful, is but a small part of the work.  …We have not made our knowledge practical. No matter what or how much we learn, we must practice all we have learned as we go on at each step.  Scientific Law is like everything else and must be used to be truly known. We can only know the doctrine by doing the will, which is to live it, practice its rules every instant.”   I get it.  The ‘Reality’ is that I must practice the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity in order to see my prosperity.  I tithe.  I have set goals.  I am on purpose and now I forgive myself for falling victim to the fear of lack.  It is not my truth.  Just like the fish, I am in the water, I am made of the water and it flows in and through me.

So today I will just keep swimming through the fear.  Thanks for the reminder Dory.  Smart fish.






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