Is it Saturday?

file0001910342771This morning, like every other morning, I woke up thinking about what I have planned for the day. In my head, I started going over all the projects I’ve got going on, all the appointments I need to make, all the small things I should add to my to do list, etc.

Is it too early to get up? Will I get sleepy later? It’s 6am already, why don’t I hear Emily getting ready for school? She must have overslept. I should get up to wake her. I’ll wait a few more minutes. Back to my thoughts. 6:10am rolls around, still nothing from the other room. Oh, yeah! It’s Saturday! I might sneak a few quiet moments in the Living Room before the daily noise begins.

Lizabeth got up a little later and decided to cook breakfast but we had no eggs. She decided to go to Kroger to get a few things. She said the place was pretty quiet, which is unusual for Kroger. So quiet in fact, they were giving away free flowers to the first 300 people in the door between 8am and 11am. Cool!

As she headed through the produce department someone peddling hummus asked if she’d like to try some. Lizabeth, who is NOT a morning person and hadn’t had her eggs and bacon yet, said, “No, thank you”. The peddler then asked, “Could you PRETEND to want some hummus?” Apparently, they needed a photo of a happy customer chowing on their hummus at 8am on a Saturday morning. But, there aren’t many people at Kroger at 8am on a Saturday morning… except those of us who don’t realize it’s Saturday and haven’t had our eggs and bacon yet.

Saturday is just another day when you love what you do. Saturday is like any other day filled with fun when your ‘work’ is your passion. No more counting the days until Friday. No more waiting to sleep in. No more alarm clocks. I love my Saturdays. But, I also love my Mondays, which is not something a lot of people can say.

When you build the life you love, everyday is Saturday! I love my life!

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