“I’m Just Being Nice Today”

Living on the road is the best decision I have made. It does have it’s downsides though. An ongoing dilemma:

Buying a roll of quarters to do laundry.

You wouldn’t think this would be hard, would you? This should be a “no brainer”…right? I am learning that this is a real challenge in today’s world! You can no longer just go pick up a roll of quarters. Only select places will sell them to you and you can’t depend on laundry mats to have change machines or for the ones they have to be in working order. So we are ever on the quest to pick up the next roll of quarters.

Today’s adventure:

Store – Walmart Service Desk, Fort Payne, AL

Me: “Could I buy a roll of quarters please?”
Associate: “Sorry. We don’t do that no more.”
Me: “Do you know of a store that does?”
Associate: (Sigh) “No.”
Me: “Alright. Can you tell me where the nearest bank is located?”
Associate: (Deeper sigh and throws up hands) “This is just too much pressure!”
Me: (silence)
Associate: (storms away from the desk)

Seriously? Okay. I’m determined. I will not let this get me frustrated. I say, “thank you,” to her back as she leaves and turn around.

Customer standing in line behind me: “Ma’am, there is a Mapco behind us that might do it for you or there are a few banks on the main drag through town.”
Me: “Thank you so much!”

I finish shopping and leave. I decide to find a bank. I head to the main drag: Gault Ave. I pull into the drive thru of the first bank I find, First State Bank.

Teller named Darlene: “Hello. What can I do for you today?”
Me: “I’d like to buy two rolls of quarters.” (It’s a bank so why not get two while I’m here?)
Darlene: “Are you a customer of ours?”
Me: “I am today.”
Darlene: “Well, we don’t sell quarters to people who aren’t our customers. Maybe you should go to yourrrr bank?” (she drew out the your for emphasis)
Me: “Ma’am I am visiting from out of town and I’d just like to buy some quarters to do my laundry.”
Darlene: “Whatcha’ got?” (Side glance at her coworker)
Me: “Sorry?”
Darlene: “Whatcha’ got? A twenty?”
Me: “I have 2 tens.”
Darlene: “Let me see ’em.”
Me: (Grab my wallet and start to pull out the cash…)
Darlene: “Slowly…We’ve got to be careful.”
Me: (Slowly pull out the offending cash and show it to her)
Darlene: “Drop it in the drawer and I’ll look at it.”
Me: (Slide the bills in the drawer)
Darlene: (Uses the counterfeit pen on each bill) “Alright. I’m going to give it to you this once. I won’t do it again.”
Me: “Okay. Thank you. Can you tell me where I can get quarters the next time?”
Darlene: “Nope. I’m just being nice today.”
Me: “Well Darlene, thank you for just being nice today.”

First State Bank in Fort Payne, AL is not the first bank to either give me grief or flat out refuse to sell me quarters nor is it the first time I’ve run into this problem but Darlene’s, “I’m just being nice today,” really hit me. When did our country quit being nice EVERYDAY? When did it become so hard to buy currency from a bank? Why are we now a culture of beings that are so afraid we say NO first and YES only when we have “vetted” our neighbor?

This isn’t just about buying quarters. It’s about being neighborly again. It’s about loving people. It’s about becoming people who serve again.

Mostly it’s about making America kind again.

How about we start with allowing people to buy currency from banks? Just a thought. <3

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