How to Make the Changes You Want in Your Life

timeI’m trying to make some lasting changes in my life. I want to lose weight, have more time freedom, and more financial freedom. These things take time. I can’t make the changes overnight, but waiting is not my strong point.

I’m convinced that the way to lasting change is measurement and management. I must have a way to measure where I’m at in regards to where I want to be. I must also be diligent in my management. Both measurement and management require self-discipline.

I must first determine where I am – what’s my starting point. With my weight, I have to jump on the scales and pull out the measuring tape. With time, I need to determine where my time is going now. With finances, I need to determine where I stand now – how much do I create, how much do I owe, how much do I have.

Then I must determine where I want to be and how long I am willing to take to get there. I must set my target weight, decide how I WANT to spend my limited time, how much money I want to generate and where that money needs to go on a regular basis.

Then I need to measure what I’m doing each and ever day towards each of these goals. I need to compare where I am today with where I started and where I want to be.

This also requires choices. I need to choose whether to eat this, that, either or both. I need to choose which tasks are worthy of my time and then prioritize which task gets my time first. I need to choose how I want to generate an income, how much I want to generate and where that money should go.

These choices, decisions and acts of self-discipline allow me to manage my weight, time and finances. Without this management, I can not get to where I want to be.

The important thing to remember is that *I* get to choose. *I* am the one who gets to decide. *I* am in charge! I can blame why it’s not working on anything and anyone I want, but in reality, it’s all on me.

Without motivation, inspiration and accountability my chances of sticking to my plan are slim to none. Making changes is not usually an easy thing to do. But, the rewards are certainly worth the effort.

To make the changes easier, I try to do a little risk management. I must learn more about myself to manage this risk. I know that, for me, getting on the scale each day to measure my weight motivates me to eat better and exercise more. Keeping up with what I eat at My Fitness Pal also helps to keep me in line and be more conscious about what I’m putting in my body.

I know that tracking my time and holding myself accountable with time tracking tools also helps me stay on track, keep focused (which is often hard for me to do), and manage my time more wisely.

I know that keeping details about my finances – where I’m spending, what I owe, interest rates, budgets, balancing accounts, etc. – helps me stay accountable and make better decisions about how I’m managing my money.

I know that sharing my goals and results with someone else helps me stay accountable.

All these things help reduce the risk of failure to meet my goals. These things help me make the changes I want much more quickly. When I stick to my plan each day, the next day gets a little easier. Before long, I’ve made a good habit and I’ve stayed in integrity to the one who matters most… me!

We all need to make changes. It’s called growth. If we aren’t growing, we are dying. I choose growth. I choose health. I choose time freedom. I choose financial freedom. I choose integrity.

I choose.

I am in charge.

So are you.



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