How to Live an Available Life

availableWhat would God give you to do if you were totally available? I’ve spent a lot of time in my past trying to figure out my life purpose. I’m still not sure I know what it is exactly. But, the one thing I’ve learned is that our main purpose is to be available.

Why? Because when we are available, circumstances and situations just seem to appear that need us for the job. It’s almost like we are Superwomen. We couldn’t plan this stuff or make this stuff up.

Last Sunday we decided to go out for breakfast. As we were leaving Lizabeth was nudged to pick up the check for a man and his son who were sitting nearby. She was going to do it anonymously, but the waiter gave her away. She overheard the young man tell his Father, “Dad, now you can eat too!” It was a touching moment for all of us.

If we hadn’t been in the right place at the right time and if Lizabeth hadn’t been tuned into Spirit to get the nudge, we would have missed that opportunity and blessing.

How many nudges have I missed because I wasn’t tuned in? How many have I missed because I wasn’t available.

I do believe that if we are tuned in and in alignment, God will send us those nudges to be useful wherever we are. But what if you were totally available to go anywhere and do anything at a moments notice. How would your life change?

How do we become available like that? How do we get bigger and bigger nudges to do greater things?

I believe we follow our passions. We quit doing things we hate to do and do those things we are truly passionate about. God gave us those desires so that we can fulfill our purpose – God’s purpose for our lives. He gave them, I believe, so that He could move us into the right place at the right time, so we would be available to Him to do the things He has for us to do.

My teacher and mentor, Edwene Gaines, taught me that if I’m doing something I don’t enjoy doing then I’m doing someone else’s job. I get that now.

She also taught me to quit working for money. I get that now too, even though it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

When I work on the things I am most passionate about, everything else just seems to fall into place. I’m in the right places at the right time. And if I’m tuned in, I get those nudges. I get the right calls to do the stuff I love to do. I find prosperity where I didn’t know it existed.

My passion has been time management for a very long time. When my kids were born, I realized that to get everything done that needed to be done, I must either grow new arms or figure out how to manage my time better. I soon learned that I can’t manage time, I can only manage myself within the time I have here on this earth.

I’ve been looking for just the right tool to help me manage myself within this time on earth since then. I haven’t found it, although I’ve used just about every tool known to mankind. Now, I’m building my own.

At first, it went against everything I thought I knew. How could I take the time to do something for me? I have work to do. How are we going to survive if I’m working on my own tools instead of working for others.

Somehow, the bills have gotten paid. Money has come from unexpected sources. New clients have shown up without me searching for them. Everything just seems to fall into place.

The new tool is working great for me, even though it’s not complete. I keep finding new ways to make it work better and to help me manage myself better.

As I tell my friends about the tool, they want to use it too. So, now I’m expanding it so that everyone can use it.

My point is that when I follow my passion, I become available to help others in ways I had never dreamed of helping them. My tiMe Management tool has already paid for itself in helping me become more productive and manage myself better. If I help one other person have a more successful, more fulfilled life with my tool, then I get another blessing and find yet another purpose for my life.

I wish I had started following my passions sooner. I wish I hadn’t worried so much about how I was going to make money. I wish I had trusted God sooner with my finances. I wish I had followed my heart more.

No. I don’t. My past has led me to where I am today. I am grateful for my past. I’m glad I found this out now. I’m glad I’m available now. I’m thankful for my desires. I’m thankful that I’ve learned to follow my impulses. I’m grateful that I’m available to do whatever nudges come along. I love living my life on purpose, whatever that purpose might be.




  1. Vivian Miller says

    this was a good article. I will walk away with the idea that I can’t manage time, but I can manage what I do with the time that I have.

    Good stuff, Cindy!!!!

    • Thanks Vivian! tiMe Management is something near and dear to my heart! I’ve given it a lot of thought and study over the years. Thanks so much for traveling this journey with us!

  2. Wonderful, timely article! I am looking at my purpose & believe I & my prayer buddy are demonstrating our purpose through our work. I particularly resonated with your statement of “I can’t manage time but I can manage myself”. How often do we hear the words time management?!?! I’ve never comprehended that phrase and now I have an understanding as to why I could/do not!
    Another great piece! I & many of us appreciate you & Lizabeth!

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