How Our Life Has Changed Since Starting the Forty (40) Day Prosperity Plan


By Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee, published on 09 November 2011
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As I look back over the last several months since we started the Forty Day Prosperity Play by John Randolph Price, it’s easy to see that we have manifested more prosperity in our lives. You can read about some of those manifestations here. I also realize that it’s not just a coincidence. It’s a direct result of a change in my consciousness. You can read more about that here.

But, I also realize that it’s not just my consciousness alone. It’s also the actions we’ve taken as a result of the change in our consciousness. As our consciousness increases, we respond to life differently and take different actions than we did in response to the same circumstances before we began working the plan.

We have made some fairly drastic changes recently. We did not consciously make these changes because of the plan, but I believe that without the plan, we probably would not have made the changes. These changes, in cooperation with the change in consciousness, is continually drawing more prosperity into our lives.

One of the first changes we made was to get a personal trainer. We had been thinking about this for a while, but never seriously. Working out is just that… WORK.

I decided to surprise Lizabeth with a trip to the personal trainer for her birthday. I know, I know, not my brightest idea. But, surprise! surprise! She LOVED the idea. But, only if I did it too. Ok, again, not my brightest idea. But, it worked. And it stuck. We are still going. David is still kicking our butts. We love it. We hate it. But, we feel better about ourselves and I feel that it’s giving us more confidence in everything we do.

We are making a conscious effort to eat better and take care of our bodies. Yes, healthy food is more expensive and personal trainers are expensive. So are doctors and hospitals. We would rather spend our money on massages, personal trainers, and healthy food. We would rather spend more on wellness than illness. Our health makes all our other dreams possible. Without it, we will be limited as to what we can be and do, so we are changing our life style to be a more healthy life style. Eventually, we will see a difference in our health and our bodies. Part of our definition of prosperity is vibrant health. We are making choices and changes to gain more prosperity in the area of health.

Another change we made was to pay more attention to our most valuable resource – our time. We all have a limited amount of time here on this earth and once spent, we can’t get it back. We value our time. More importantly, we value our time freedom. We make sure we only work on things we enjoy working on. To help us be more conscious of our time and manage ourselves within that time better, I’ve created a tool which helps us choose the important things we want to do. It helps us choose the better over the good and the best over the better. I will be sharing more about this tool later.

We also created a tool, which we call our bucket list, that helps us keep better track of our finances. Since we don’t have a steady paycheck, we split our money into different buckets, based on percentages, as it comes in. We have buckets for tithing, expenses, play, goals, and debt repayment. We decided what percentage of each dollar coming in would go in each bucket. If we don’t have enough in that bucket yet, then we don’t buy anything or pay that bill until it’s there. Once we are debt free we will re-distribute that bucket into education and investment buckets.

We’ve noticed that the more we pay attention to our buckets and make the conscious effort to manage our money, the more money we seem to attract. We have found that keeping buckets like this helps us to feel more prosperous and know that there is more than enough. The more we seem to have, the more we seem to get. Money seems to start rolling in from unexpected places.

Whether we have only a dollar or millions of dollars, using a system based on percentages will work. If we can get in the habit of splitting a dollar, we can easily split a million dollars. It’s easier to split a million than one, but until we can be faithful in the little things, we won’t be trusted in the bigger things.

The biggest change is that we are paying attention to these things. It’s not so much what we are doing, but the attention we are giving to the things that matter to us. We are more conscious of what we are doing. We set our goals and intentions and then make plans to reach those goals. Once we’ve set those intentions, things start to happen that can’t always be explained just as I mentioned here.

We are determined to build these habits that help us manage ourselves and our money better. Our habits run our lives. But, that’s another topic for another day. And another tool I’ll probably build. The things we pay attention to, increase. The things we manage become our tools instead of our masters. We use time, our bodies and money as tools. This makes it much easier to be clear about our intentions, our goals and our life purpose.




  1. Lots of great ideas and lessons here. I especially LOVE the idea of your bucket list and basing the system on percentages. I can see how this would help to better manage and truly decide where you spend your resources. Awesome idea! I’m going to steal it!

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