Here Comes The Sun

sunriseOnce again, the sun rises on another day and I am filled with hope of renewed promise and the fear has dissipated like morning dew on my yard.  No sooner had I gotten good and IN my hissy fit, (as adults we call our giving in to fear and the behavior it causes other things, but we all know it is a hissy fit…) than God (of course) had already fixed it. All together now….DUH.

One of our closest friends came and took the girls shopping for those jackets and we sent them off with the $30 we had.  Ten minutes into my meltdown a client paid their bill–$200.  The girls come be-bopping back in HOURS later with jackets, shawls and drink cups from a local restaurant.  Our friend bought the clothes and took them out to eat on top of it.  The girls gave us $20 back.  Thank you God.

I know.  Big old duh.  I knew things would work out.  I KNOW this but in the moment, I panic too.  So what am I learning?  I am learning that living on faith doesn’t mean that fear leaves you instantly.  I am learning how to become less fearful and I stay in it for a shorter amount of time now.  Just as it has been explained to me over and over again, the more I trust, the greater my faith.  The greater my faith, the more I can trust.

Why do I still experience fear then if I KNOW that God has my back?  I think it is because I only have my earthly experiences to base it on.  My understanding of the ways of God is growing but is still subject to the same fears that I am experiencing now.  So I have to remember to cut myself some slack on this road to prosperity.  I am learning more and more everyday, and everyday my faith, understanding and trust grows.  I can rest in the panic of the moment, cause look — here comes the sun!  I can trust that.



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