The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 9 Chapter 3

Today we are talking about tithing again. We did, however, move to a new chapter!

We read about Edwene’s personal stories about tithing. We also learn that our beliefs about tithing often make the biggest difference.

God is our Source. He knows what we need before we need it. We have an abundance all around us but we must ask for it and claim it. We must be serious about all of the laws and acknowledge that God truly is our source for ALL things.

This chapter helps understand the law of tithing better. We talk some about the other laws too. All four of the laws work together. When we put them all together and start working them faithfully, magical things seem to happen.

Tomorrow we will move on to goal setting.

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Love the analogy of tithing and learning to ride a bike. Afraid to let go, then realize we have it. I have spent the last week, saying to myself okay I want to do this-get on the bike. Yesterday’s video was helpful for getting on and maintaining balance. For example, I was obsessing trying to figure out an amount to tithe considering I have been employed since mid February. My hours vary, yet base it on how much have I earned to date. Now, my plan is to start CURRETLY. When my paycheck comes I will take the 10% of the top. Sounds simple and it is when I let go of the fear. It is okay I’m not 100% comfortable, it may take practice and time- yet it will get me in the flow. God does HAVE ME, is my Source. I look forward to being like Cindy tithing effortlessly.

    I also “get it”, thanks to you both teaching why it does matter tithing in actual money (not sharing time, talents, etc.) Tithing is the energy, the exchange as you said and more importantly it sends a message of abundance to the Universe. I too have given to charities or causes over the years and although rewarding, it is not the same. I also get the significance of the #10. I am eager to move forward with the other laws and how they interconnect. While I had difficulty identifying, narrowing down goals at Edwene’s and especially assigning dates on the goals this too reflects my fears. I am indecisive in general, liking to weigh all pros and cons, this has been an obstacle in making my dreams, aspirations a reality. I appreciate both of you for sharing what law aspects of prosperity you have mastered and those areas “you still have work to do”. THANKS!

    • One of the things I have learned is that we cannot go back and change the past; even if the past was only yesterday. We can only change this moment. If you choose to tithe, I would start from this moment. It is harder to move forward when we are dragging a kickstand!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I have been carrying tithe checks in my book tote bag all week, but I am committing to mail them tomorrow since I pass a post office on my way to church/study group. This has been a good series of lessons on tithing because I have struggled like you all have and will keep heading toward the light belief away from the darkness of disbelief. I often think of my minister and ask myself what would she say or do under certain circumstances and then I remember I have power, wisdom and zeal. In fact, I sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm. When I remember that, I am good to go. There is nothing I cannot do once I set my intention.

    Seems that every time we turn toward the light it requires trust and a knowing that God is there. Our egos are constantly trying to get us to believe otherwise. There is a perpetual message of “seek, but do not find.” I refuse to follow that pied piper.

    I look forward to these continuing videos and reading the book and know I will be so much more enlightened as a result of consistency and willingness to participate. Have a wonderful Palm Sunday. I just finished my notes for discussion group. The message is Learning to Lighten Up. Tithing will do that for you.

    • You are such a light Vivian and you do sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm! I am still trying to let go of the other shoe. It is amazing that I still wait for the other shoe even with God. God has no other agenda. His highest law is good. I am choosing to remind myself of this Truth today.

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